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    As America's largest, best, most-entertaining and most humble mobile entertainment and DJ company, DJ Connection is one of the best places to work in the country. With our hilarious, positive and personal-growth focussed office atmosphere, and our unparalled continued growth DJ Connection is the best place to work for Tulsa's best and brightest young professionals. If you are interested in setting up an interview with our casting director call today at:
    (918) 481-2010 today (9-5 Monday - Friday)

    **Disclaimer - Due to the complete lack of decent humans who believe in dependability, promptness and working hard to deliver and incredible product that we can all be proud of, WE ARE ALWAYS HIRING.

    Displayed below, you will find 30 second to 1 minute interviews with (about 10% of the) DJ Connection employees and office staff. These men are incredibly adaptable and they are men of energy, enthusiasm, experimental humor, detail and wit.

    President of DJ Connection - DJ Jason Bailey

    Production Assistant - DJ Caleb Lear "Jet" (and his wonderful wedding cake)

    Founder and Owner of DJ Connection - DJ Clay Clark (and his super-classy shaver)

    Wedding Event Planner & Event Planning "Guru" - Marquess Dennis (and his box fan)

    Human Resources Manager (Casting Director) & Dallas Manager - DJ Eric "Kilkenny's Endorser" Cooper

    Maintenance Manager and "Top Tier" - DJ Josh B. Smith (next time that you are faced with a DJ moral dilemma ask yourself "What Would Josh Do?...W.W.J.D.")

    Accounting Manager and "Lord of the Beans" - (Non-DJ) Thom Clark

    Customer Service Representative and "Hiking Expert" - DJ Keith Banks

    Customer Service Representative and "All-Around-Great-Guy" - DJ Sean Elliot

    Production Manager and "Mind-Altering DJ Entertainment Juggernaut" - DJ Daniel McKenna

    If you desire to work in a competitive unpolitically correct work environment where individual achievement is recognized DJ Connection is the place for you. With our employee ownership program, our legendary "Monday Morning Meetings," our 100% commission wages, our bad jokes, and our zero tolerance for entitlements DJ Connection is perhaps the coolest place in the country to work. So put on a sweater and give us a call.

    **Disclaimer...The only two companies in the country that can offer the legendary culture that you will find at DJC are QuikTrip Corporation and Southwest Airlines.

    For more information on joining the DJ Connection team call today

    at 918-481-2010




    The following information is only useful for you to read if you are a search engine and you are looking for highly optimized text that can be shamelessly used for web optimization. However, if for some reason you do find the following information to be interesting please call a therapist immediately (or shortly after now). And this just in...DJ Connection has allegedly been providing recruiting and staff services to the Tulsa area for the better half of one half of the decade. Having almost recruited several thousand Tulsa employees through the use of the Tulsa job fairs, tulsa job postings and Tulsa area based digital job posting intitiatives, DJ Connection has established itself as potentially the number one Tulsa Jobs Wanted website and online career fast track finding service for the Tulsa area. Being that we are now hiring Oklahoma State Graduates and Tulsa area radio broadcasting interns at a staggering rate we now feel as though we are uniquely positioned to single handedly fight off globalization in the and the pressures put on Tulsa area jobs by the Global Economy and the overall demand for high paying Tulsa jobs by the native caucasian and non-caucasian ethnic groups in the Tulsa area. 
    In fact just to make life a little sweeter than a Tulsa coming out party for the active gay community, the DJs at DJ Connection have put together the following stellar fully operation Tulsa web optimization and job recruitment strategy. In theory because of our endless Tulsa employment search,
    Tulsa job listings, Broken Arrow Career Postings, our online Tulsa job fairs, and our relentless pursuit of employing the entire city of Tulsa through one great big multi-level now hiring DJ recruitment plan, DJ Connection might even be able to offer more Tulsa employment opportunities than your local federal government.
    Because DJ Connection is privately held (as odd as that may sound), we are also big fans of that whole non-deficit-spending game concept so rarely put in place by genuises in Washington today.
    One new feature that we are now looking into to help Tulsa area people find their Tulsa free job listings, Tulsa job openings and
    Tulsa employment opportunities is a little thing that we like to call the brain scanner. Here is how it works: We will simply insert a brain chip into your squish (your brain) which will automatically broadcast your desire to find a Tulsa job application in confidential manner. And if you are willing to deal with the huge scars and the need to wear a Jeff Olerud style batting help for the rest of your adult life this Tulsa personalized job search is for you. Whenever you close your eyes at night to sleep, your brain chip will be working for you. Whenever you are talking to your current boss, your Tulsa Oklahoma Job Posting and Finding Device will simultaneously begin searching for the ideal Tulsa job that you are looking for. And I know, it might be difficult for you to understand how you can do a tulsa career search while posting your tulsa area resumes without ever leaving the office, and that is understandable. However, it would not be prudent for me to share with you at this time how this controversial mind changing and potentially life saving tulsa help wanted website, online tulsa jobs posting, oklahoma help wanted career search, tulsa resume builder works. So in summary if you are a Tulsa human and your are looking for a great job with outstanding start pay in the Tulsa area, then you have come to the right place. If you are looking for a Tulsa job that allows you to slack around and pretend to play solitaire for hours and hours, then you have come to the wrong place. Call today if you are looking for a great Tulsa area job.

    For more information about DJ Connection's founder, serial entrepreneur, award-winning U.S. SBA "Entrepreneur of the Year" Clay Clark call us today at 918-481-2010. Listed below are various links to his multiple business ventures. Click below visit these websites:

    Founder of DJ Connection, U.S. Chamber National Blue Ribbon Quality Award Winner,  U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Dallas Business Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Tulsa Metro Chamber "Entrepreneur of the Year" Clay Clark is also the founder of Tulsa Real Estate company Fears & Clark Realty Group. This company is the home of the best Tulsa realtors in Oklahoma. Find your house today at www.fearsclark.com.


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