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    For more information on how to schedule SBA Entrepreneur of the Year Clay Clark to speak to your organization or group call (918) 481-2010 or (405) 201-5380. You can also visit us online at http://www.makeyourlifeepic.com

    "Inspiring, funny & brilliant! Clay, thank you so much for the brilliant presentations you made to our students in the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University. You motivated, entertained and educated us! We truly appreciate your time and hope to see you again in the near future."

    - Professor Jeretta Nord: Oklahoma State University: Spears Business School: 405-744-5064

    Clay is one of the few motivational speakers out there who trains in a pragmatic and practical way. His goal for each and every event for which he is hired is to motivate and inspire your crowd before leaving them with a laundry list of PRACTICAL ACTION STEPS that each and every member of your audience can begin doing immediately (if not sooner). Clay strives to improve the lives, the businesses and the communities he speaks to by delivering his passionate speeches, workshops and talks on many topics including the following:

    *website optimization
    *workflow & duplicatable system creation
    *sales training
    *employee management
    *entrepreneurship 101 (including his journey from the "Dorm Room" to the "Board Room")

    Clay has been the entertainer of choice for Bama Companies, Quik Trip, Fedex and UPS...Clay Clark. Clay Clark will bring a much-needed hopeful message that emphasizes the "epicness and profoundness" of each individual in your crowd.

    Clay brings a dynamic, humorous, motivating, entertaining and enlightening delivery to his uplifting messages. With his quick-wit, and vast knowledge from years spent "leaning how not to do it" Clark will leave your audience feeling wired and inspired. His book "From the Dorm Room To The Board Room: How To Build A Successful Small Business (With A Relatively Small Brain)," has been praised by college students, young entrepreneurs and business people throughout the country.

    For additional information on DJ Clay click HERE.

     Clay is pictured below with his family (listed from left to right): Great Grandma Alice, Grandma Annie, Aunt Allison, his wife Vanessa Clark, the glowing doctor who delivered their baby Dr. Thompson, Clay's father Thom Clark, Clay's Uncle John Tune (who is a fabulous South West pilot), himself, and his daughter Havana.

    **Disclaimer**Dr. Thompson appears on this web-site without his express written consent and does not endorse votefordjclay.com in any way, although he should if he knows what's good for him.

    (DJ family pictured above) 

    (Behold...the newest addition to the DJC Clan...Ladies and Gentlemen it's Angelina Lynn!)

     (DJ Clayvis is pictured above)

    (The "DJ Father" of DJ Connection and the Author of "Think & Grow Rich" is pictured above).

    The DJ Connection history is one that is rich with talent. In fact since DJ Connection's birth in 1999 many of DJ Connection's best and brightest have moved on to start, and or manage some of the areas most exciting new businesses. As they move on, other talented people have filled their void, and that is Clay's passion. Clay's passion is to educated and to help others turn their "passions into profits." Click below to visit some of DJ Connection's former staff members.

    Andy Mathurin - This former ORU scholarship basketball player, and English immigrant now works in England hosting basketball camps, teaching and converting his Euros into U.S. dollars. We miss you DJ Andy.


    Joel Reyes - Former DJ Joel "Reyes the Roof" was DJ Connection's first full-time marketing route developer. With the help of DJ Joel, DJ Connection was able to take its' marketing to another level...a higher level thankfully. Since leaving DJ Connection Joel has successfully started and managed Tulsa's most successful valet company Exquisite Valet and Limo Service.


    Josh Atkinson - Josh Atkinson was DJ Connection's fifth regular DJ. Since leaving DJ Connection and purchasing Cherished Traditions Videography from Clay Clark and DJ Connection, former DJ Josh and his beautiful wiffe Kristin have turned Cherished Traditions into Tulsa's largest and most successful professional videography service.


    For more information on joining the DJ Connection team please contact DJ Connection at (918) 481-2010. For more information on turning your "Passion into Profits" visit www.voteforclay.com.

    The version of DJ Clayvis (co-conspirator of the ORU Slim Shady) pictured above was addicted to protein at the time this photo was taken.

    The original "ORU Slim Shady" pictured above.Click Above To Download the "ORU SLIM SHADY"


    Clayvis Books Proudly Presents:
    Entrepreneur of the Year:
    "Turning Your Passion Into Profits"
    An Aspiring Entrepreneur's Guide & the Epic O' DJ Clay
    A book coming soon....

    **For more information on the book, turning your passion into profits, and the life and times o' dj clay please feel free to email DJ Clayvis directly at

    About Clay

    "DJ Clay" (Clayton Thomas Clark) is the humble husband of the beautiful Vanessa Lynn Clark and is the father both Havana Ann Clark and Aubrey
    Napoleon-Hill Clark. He is the founder and owner of DJ Connection Tulsa Inc., one of America's largest Disk Jockey & Mobile Entertainment Companies. Clay is also the cofounder of Tulsa Bridal Association, Cherished Traditions Videography and a host of other small-medium sized businesses. Clay is the active President of the Tulsa Bridal Association and is a proud member of the Tulsa, Bixby & Broken Arrow Chambers of Commerce. When Clay is not sleeping he also serves as a volunteer with Junior Achievement, an organization dedicated to bringing business people and business
    owners to the schools of today's youth.

    (Pictured above DJ Clayvis marinates at the Tulsa Wedding Show)

    In 2007 "DJ Clay" was named as Oklahoma's Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the
    United States Small Business Administration. Also during the year o' 2007 "DJ Clayvis" was named as one of Oklahoma's "Top 40 Under 40," for being one of Oklahoma's top 40 business people under the age of 40 years of age by Oklahoma Magazine. In January of 2006 his company, DJ Connection Tulsa Inc. was named Tulsa.s Best Wedding Vendor by the Wedding Decisions publication. In 2005 DJ Connection Tulsa Inc. was again honored by Modern Bride Magazine as being named the number-one DJs in the Tulsa area. In September of 2003 Clay Clark was featured on "Oklahoma's News Channel 8's Good Morning Oklahoma" with Lori Montag of Montag Photography for their role as President and Vice President of the Tulsa Bridal Association respectively. In 2002 Clay was featured on the front page of the business section of the Tulsa World and was named the Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the young age of 22.

    Clay "finished attending college classes" while at
    OSU after previously attending Oral Roberts University (Tulsa, OK) and St. Cloud University (St. Cloud, Minnesota). During and since high school "DJ Clay" has created and/or run several successful businesses including:

    *A T-shirt & Graphic Design Business
    *A Mobile Entertainment and Disk Jockey Empire
    *A Professional Videography Business
    *A Chocolate Fountain Business
    *An event rentals company

    During elementary, high school, college and then after college Clay has also ran numerous unsuccessful businesses (which he has learned from) including:

    *A Landscaping Business
    *A Bio-Diesel Fuel Production Business

    Born to Thomas & Mary Clark at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma on November 5th 1980 amidst the Ronald Raegan election, Clay went on to attend school in the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma public school systems until the age of 12. The Clark family migrated north to Minnesota in 1992. It was in Minnesota at the age of 16 that Clay's "DJ Clayvis" persona was born. "DJ Clayvicle" graduated from Dassel-Cokato High School with Honors and received the prestigious Brown Book Award for his excellence in the communication arts from Dassel-Cokato High School, along with a multitude of other scholarships.

    By the age of 26 "DJ Clay" become one of
    Oklahoma's most dynamic, enthusiastic, humble, movitating and CONTAGIOUS young entrepreneurs. Clay is of the belief that nearly all desired knowledge is attainable to those willing to study the lives of those who are already doing that which one wants to do. Clay attributes much of his success to his pursuit of knowledge and the willingness of his mentors to share the knowledge that he so actively pursues. Listed below is a short list of the mentors that have most affected DJ Clay's young business career up to this point.

    Mentor (defined as): A wise counselor or teacher:

    Andrew Carnegie - Entrepreneur and Capitalist - What Andrew Carnegie achieve during his lifetime is nothing short of epic...Clay

    *Bill O'Reilly - Journalist and Editorial Show Host - Clay has not met Bill O'Reilly, but Bill's attitude and habit of cutting through the "what-not" to get right down to the heart of the issue has rubbed off on Clay...we blame you Bill.

    *Bishop Carlton Pearson - Pastor & Minister - Although Clay does not agree with every theological point preached from the pulpit by brother Pearson, He does believe that Bishop Pearson is certifiably his "Brother from Another Mother." Carlton's energy, enthusiasm, and motivating qualities are all qualities that Clay has worked to develop daily to develop.

    *Chester & Chet Cadieux - Entrepreneur - Chester, if you are reading...Clay would like the honor of paying you to go out eat with him. Clay is obsessed with your Quik Trip convenience stores, and compulsively makes purchases at your stores...just to help YOU out.

    *Clynt Taylor - Entrepreneur & Investor - Clynt Taylor is Clay's Wife's Uncle, and the first face-to-face mentor that Clay had the pleasure of meeting. Clynt has encouraged Clay to "Dream Big" and has served as solid voice of business reason, when Clay has felt as though he needed a HELP-LINE.

    *Clifton Taulbert - Entrepreneur and Author - Clay has spend very limited time around Clifton over his 26 years on Earth, however Clifton's influence has been profound. Clay views Clifton as a very accessible success story and living breathing example of what it means to achieve despite one's circumstances.

    *Dave Letterman - Late night talk show host - No, Clay is not Dave Letterman's little known twin brother, however Clay does revere and attempt to mimic the humor and the incredible rapport building qualities of David Letterman...and Dave...if you are reading this Clay would like to be on your show.

    *Henry Ford - Entrepreneur - It is rumored, that Clay has not ever met that late Henry Ford...and folks, this rumor is true, however despite the fact that Clay never met this icon of the industrial revolution Clay believes that Henry Ford is a ture American genius despite the fact that Henry did not attend college...that's odd...

    *Herb Kelleher - Lawyer, Entrepreneur of Motivator - I hate to say it, but as odd as it sounds Clay has not met the founder of Southwest Airlines either, but Clay refers to Southwest Airlines as if they invented modern capitalism. Clay believes in and preaches Southwest's low-price and high-quality approach to building a business.

    *Jay Conrad Levinson - Author and Marketing Guru - To be honest, Clay has not met Jay either...but Jay if you are reading this, Clay thinks your book "Guerilla Marketing" is legendary.

    *John Rockefeller - Entrepreneur and Business Icon - Although Clay never met the legendary founder of Standard Oil and the Rockefeller fortune, Clay refers to the John Rockefeller as if he were a sage-like Uncle. Clay simply cannot stop talking about the Rockefeller saga, and all that John Rockefeller helped to do during his 90 years spent on planet Earth.

    *John Tune - Southwest Airline Pilot and Ultra Conservative Father - Clay loves and respects John Tune as a voice and moral authority. Since Clay married John's niece on May 6th of 2001 at Tarp Chapel in Broken Arrow, John Tune has been Clay's marriage mentor. John has served as Clay's personal Dr. Phil as probably saved Clay from spending thousands of dollars and hours with a marriage counselor due to his preventive marriage maintenance.

    *Karl Malone - Former NBA star - Clay does not like that Karl Malone refers to himself as "Karl Malone" when he is talking about himself, however he admires and became inspired by Karl Malone's work ethic in the gym.

    *Lori Montag - The former owner of Montag Photography and Montag's Chocolate Elegance - Lori Montag helped raise Clay as a second mother during his one month long summer visits south between the years of 1993 and 1999. It was Lori who first taught Clay how to set and achieve financial goals, and it was Lori who first taught Clay how to sell, instead of just taking orders. Lori currently owns and operates Montag Fine Candles.

    *Luther Vandross - Entertainer, Performer & "King of R &B Ballads" - It has been said and it is true...Clay never met the late great Luther Vandross. Although the "King of R & B Ballads"died at the young age of 54, Luther left Clay and countless others with the since of joy that he brought to the mic each time he belted out his love ballads. Clay reveres Luther as a source of inspiration, and will never stop singing, Luther's "I'd Rather" in his head...Clay will miss you Mr. Luther.

    *Michael Gerber - Author & Entrepreneur - It has been said, and it is true. Clay has not met the outstanding author of the "E-Myth" either. And despite having not met Michael Gerber personally Clay feels as though he shares a kindrid spirit with this wonderful modern work-flow philosopher.

    *Michael Jackson - Entertainer & Alien Visitor to Earth - Clay has not met Michael Jackson, but if he ever has the opportunity to meet the alien entertainer he will be escorted by body guard, and then he will jot down some more notes on how to ENTERTAIN from this alien sent to Earth to Entertain.

    *Napolean Hill - Author and Self-Help Pioneer - Although Clay never met the author of "Think & Grow Rich" and other timeless, mind-changing self-help classics, Clay refers to Napoleon Hill as if he were a wise old grandfather or close kin to Yoda.

    *Robert T. Kiyosaki - Author & Entrepreneur - Although Clay has never met the author of the "Rich, Dad Poor Dad" series of books, Clay quotes and misquotes Robert Kiyosaki often and refers to Mr. Robert as if he were his distant Asian cousin and personal financial advisor.

    *Russell Simmons - Entrepreneur and Hip-Hop Pioneer - Although Clayvis has not had the opportunity to meet the acquaintance, and although Clay does not agree with Mr. Simmons' political views, Clay does respect the history and struggle to success of the his musical and entertainment pioneer. For anyone wishing to learn how to self-promote, Russell's book "Life & Def" is a must read.

    *Rush Limbaugh - AM Radio Pioneer & Talk Show Host - Growing up Clay did not like Rush Limbaugh, however what kind of sick and mentally twisted 12 year old adolescent child would like listening to conservative talk radio on the way to and from baseball games...however at the age of 22, Clay finally "really" listened to Rush Limbaugh...mega ditos Rush...Clay too is a believer that Big Government, High Taxes and Excessive Entitlements are bad for America.

    *Sam Walton - Entrepreneur - Clay loves Sam Walton and the amazing story of Wal-Mart history found within the pages of Sam's epic book "Made in America." In fact, Clay has reportedly planned a pilgrimage/family vacation to Bentonville, to tour the Wal-Mart facilities....

    *Shane Harwell - Sales Guru - During the years of 2000-2001 Clay had the opportunity to work for Shane's odd company / Christian-evangelistic company / call center and sales training machine. Faith Highway was the name of Shane's company and although Clay did not and does not agree with many of the fundamental principles that the company was founded upon, Shane's sales skills and work ethic were contagiously spread to nearly all of those who worked at this small Tulsa based company. Clay credits Shane for much of his sales training, and views Shane as the the authority on salesmanship.

    *Thomas Edison - Inventor / Entrepreneur - Clay has not met Mr. Edison...but he still feels very close to Mr. Edison. Clay feels as though he and Mr. Edison share similar personality types and would probably be the best of friends if they knew each other today...although we know (the "Book Team") that Clay is only 1/10th as smart the great inventor, Thomas Edison.

    *Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D., William D. Danko Ph.D., - Yes, it is true, Clay has never met these two fun guys either, however Clay did read and has applied nearly all of the knowledge that could be attained through the reading of the "Millionaire Next Door."

    *William "Bill" Cosby - Entertainer and Comedian - Last but definately not least, Clay has not met Bill Cosby, however Clay has nearly made a diety out of Bill Cosby at his offices. Clay is of the opinion that no one has more universal comedic appeal than Bill Cosby, and Clay sincerely believes that anyone wishing to succeed in the field of entertainment must study Bill Cosby. other entrepreneurs he has become acquainted with the Laws of Success. As a result of endless study Clay Clark walks in faith and does not know defeat as he works to achieve his life's Definate Chief Aim.

    A much sought-after author, business consultant, disk jockey, master of ceremonies, sales coach, and motivational speaker, Clay restlessly resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his incredibly gorgeous wife Vanessa Clark and his two vivacious children Havana & Aubrey-Napoleon-Hill, where they enjoy the low cost of living, and the close proximity to the Quik Trip convenience stores that Tulsa provides.

  • 2009 - DJ Connection was named by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as "Blue Ribbon Small Business Award" sponsored by Sam’s Club.
    2008 "Best of the Best Wedding Award" Winner -
  • In October of 2007 DJ Connection became a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business for our team's continued excellence in customer service.
  • In June of 2007 DJ Connection was featured in the Tulsa World Business Section for our recent awards and for our owner's upcoming book "Turn Your Passion Into Profits"
  • Clayton Clark owner of DJ Connection Tulsa Inc. was named the 2007 State of Oklahoma Young Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • During the early summer of 2007 DJ Connection was featured in Oklahoma Magazine's feature entitled "40 under 40" which was an article describing Oklahoma's top 40 entrepreneurs under the age of 40.
  • During the calendar year of 2006 DJ Connection donated $10,000 + of service to local Oklahoma charities including March of Dimes and Relay for Life.
  • DJ Connection received recognition from the "American Wedding Association" as Tulsa's Best Wedding Vendor in 2006.
  • DJ Connection was named "The number-one DJs in the Tulsa area...They are great party executors" by Modern Bride Magazine in their December/January 2005 edition
  • DJ Connection is a proud member of Tulsa Bridal Association
  • DJ Connection, DJ Clay and the rest of the DJ Connection staff volunteered over 100 hours of work with local (Tulsa) in school peer and mentor groups.
  • DJ Connection Tulsa Inc. is an ecstatic member of the American Wedding Association
  • DJ Connection Tulsa Inc.  is an ecstatic member of the Tulsa MetroBixby & Broken Arrow Chambers of Commerce.
  • DJ Connection Tulsa is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau "Excellence In Customer Service Honor Roll."
  • Clay Clark co-owner of DJ Connection was featured in September of 2003 on "Oklahoma's News Channel 8's Good Morning Oklahoma" with Lori Montag of Montag Photography for their role as President and Vice President of the Tulsa Bridal Association respectively.
  • Tulsa DJ Rabu "Flava" Leyva was named the "Outstanding Casanova of the Year" by his beautiful wife Kena.
  • "The average human head weighs 8.1 lbs!"


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  •  For Additional Photos of the "DJ Family" click here.

    For more information about DJ Connection's founder, serial entrepreneur, award-winning U.S. SBA "Entrepreneur of the Year" Clay Clark call us today at 918-481-2010. Listed below are various links to his multiple business ventures. Click below visit these websites:

    Founder of DJ Connection, U.S. Chamber National Blue Ribbon Quality Award Winner,  U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Dallas Business Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Tulsa Metro Chamber "Entrepreneur of the Year" Clay Clark is also the founder of Tulsa Real Estate company Fears & Clark Realty Group. This company is the home of the best Tulsa realtors in Oklahoma. Find your house today at www.fearsclark.com.

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