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    Willi Kaye
    DJ "Willi Kaye" has been DJing since he was a young buck. Actually he probably started before that & maybe right after conception?...Anyway, Willi has a profound love for DJing that first showed itself when the young aspiring DJ Willi hooked up a make shift radio station in his room using record players and his home's intercom system to host the "DJ Willi & Wolfman Jack Show" when he was only but a little child. Now that he has grown up into a "Middle-Aged Man" DJ Willi will always take your party to the next level or to the Tulsa Garden Center.
    Karl "Special K" Werner

    DJ Karl embodies all that is good, when it comes to those that are detail orientated. Special K always has and always will have a notebook and a pen on him at all times. When he shows up to your event (3 hours early), he has the enthusiasm & professionalism to take your next event to the next level figuratively & enough data in his notebook to take your party literally to the next level...using the "Hidden Door." For a good time, log on to www.djkarl.com, DJ Karl truly is one of Tulsa's best mobile entertainers.

    DJ Andy "Sinatra" Simmons
    DJ Andy "Sinatra" Simmons, will fly you to the moon w/ his powerful booming "almost-militarily precise" vocal gymnastics, loopty-loops & gobbally-gook. Call now to get this great performer to a reception hall near you.
    DJ Nick the "Lifter of Weights"
    DJ Nick is a man of celerity, a man of conviction, a man of power and the "Lifter of Weights." When he DJs, his positivity and charm on the mic brings forth alacrity a vivaciousness unseen since the "Times of Gandolph." For a great tulsa wedding dj call DJ Connection today and ask for DJ Nick...and if he is not available...ask for anyone who has come in contact with his infectious joy.
    DJ Clarence "Carter"

    DJ Clarence "Carter" is a man on a mission. Not only can he save you a ton of money on dental plans, but he can also get your crowd out dancing as if it were the last few moments of 1998 leading into 1999. If you are looking for a great Tulsa DJ, call now (918) 481-2010...Scientific research and extensive questioning has proven that DJ Clarence is definately DJ Clay's brother from another mother twice removed on Clay's father's side. Although that might be a little confusing, the following is not. DJ Clarence is so good on the mic, you would swear the band is there backing him up and jamming out. Need a Tulsa DJ? A DJ in Tulsa? .

    DJ Nate "From Narnia" Moseley

    Contrary to popular urban mythology DJ Nate "From Narnia" Moseley is not actually from Narnia. His parents just really felt really strongly that he would someday grow up to be a Faun...some much so that his father proclaimed verbally upon his birth that, "My Son will now be known as DJ Nate "From Narnia" Mosely!"

    Fun Factoids: DJ Nate is an ORU almnus, and plans to pursue additional education online or in person at Bowling Green State University. Nate is an advisor to the four Kings and Queens of Narnia during the Golden Age, and on weekends dresses up in Mid-Evil gear and chases his colleagues on Riverside Drive in Tulsa.

    DJ Dan Alexander "The Great"

    DJ Dan Alexander "The Great" is as genuine as they come (in fact he will only buy genuine 100% imitation leather furniture). What this incredible Tulsa wedding entertainer brings to each and every event, is sincerity, focus, determination and quality. When it has to be articulate and it has to be on time, waste no time in booking DJ Dan for your event...Fun Factoid: Dan's DJ maiden name was DJ "Easy-Tel."

    DJ Ishmael "The Tulsa Wedding Show"
    DJ Ishmael is bi-coastal, tri-lingual and undeniable on the mic (you really do not want to deny him when he is on the mic). His spontaneous qualities and enthusiasm combine to make him DJ Ishmael "The Tulsa Wedding Show."
    DJ Keegan "Mr. Trinidad" Harricharan
    DJ Keegan is God's gift to wedding receptions. Born on the island of Trinidad (located in the Caribbean), DJ Keegan swam here via a Gulf current...Actually Keegan did not swim here...he walked here...Anway, DJ Keegan is articulate, and sensational on the microphone. For the best DJs between Houston, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Wichita, and Tulsa call now...918-481-2010.
    DJ Rico "Barbados" Coles
    DJ Rico "Barbados" Coles, a.k.a. DJ Rico "Sueve" is a smoothe operator of his DJ apparatus. More innovative that Edison, when it comes to his microphone magic...DJ Rico is an incredible Tulsa DJ. If you are looking for a way to get your crowd loud and proud on the dance floor as soon as they come in door call DJ Connection today...and if DJ Rico is available request this tropical MC delight.
    DJ Keith "Funk Master" Taylor

    DJ Keith the "Funk Master" is one of Tulsa's most prolific MCs...when he is on the mic your party cannot help but to feel the energy, the alacrity, the overall entertainment and enthusiasm. Fun Factoid: DJ Keith was not drafted 4th overall in the 2006 NBA draft.

    DJ Jeremy "The Rope" Kelle

    DJ Jeremy "The Rope" Kelle earned his nickname by weighing less than anyone in anyroom at any dj show that he has every dj'ed at. "The Rope" is in reference to his overall band-width...We love him and we are feeding him protein shakes in between shows...it's our companies "Team work that makes the dream work." - DJ Clayvis

    DJ "Captain" Tomb Knorr

    DJ  "Captain" Tom Knorr is anything but a bore, consequently he will make your party soar as your party patrons hit the dance floor. - DJ Clayvis Poet / Entrepreneur

    DJ Josh "Dodge-ball" Smith

    Raised on an all protein diet...DJ Josh Smith was not satisfied with his level of talent and his overall volleyball game. And like most men his age (25 + years of age) Josh was feeling a since of urgency when he decided to do it...when he decided to take his game to the next level...Oh sure, he could have caused himself certain death, all sorts of cancer, and cronic joint, blindness, heart-failure, hives and muscle pain, but to DJ Josh it was all worth it...he wanted that prize...he wanted the trophy and he wanted that "Third Grade Amateur 60 lb and under ALL-GIRL dodgeball Championship Belt." He could smell the leather of the belt, he could already see the glimmering immitation gold medallion dangling and proclaiming..."I am the Champ...I'm the world's greatest." And so with much haste and with little care for his life-long health Josh took that plunge and dove into the seedy underground scene of a third-grade steroid enhanced dodgeball "leaguer."  GNC, HGH, Morphine, Protein, Creatine... to Josh these names are all too familiar. But, since that day, DJ Josh's life has been a wreck, and he his voice mail sounds even worse. Josh if you are reading this...keep your enlarged head up buddy, someday things will get better if your biceps don't explode first.

    • Disclaimer: If you would like to protest DJ Josh please e-mail DJ Connection anytime at thom_clark@hotmail.com....
    • Disclaimer #2: DJ Josh is actively working on ways to lower fuel efficiency of most fossil-fuel burning vehicles.
    • Disclaimer #3: DJ Josh can be blamed almost entirely for causing global warming as he does drive a "DJ Taho."
    • Disclaimer #4: DJ Josh has been rumored to work during the week for a "rain-forrest-only" logging company.
    • Disclaimer #5: DJ Josh generally unfriendly to new people he meets and to his friends.
    DJ Bucky "San Diego State" Brown
    DJ Bucky "San Diego State" does not know Marshall Faulk, but his former girlfriend does have the helmet he wore during his last game...Bucky was also in the Marines, and he is electric on the mic (but he is unplugged)...Call DJ Bucky today for OKC's and Tulsa's best wedding dj.
    DJ Aubrey Napoleon-Hill Clark

    As some of you know our son Aubrey Napoleon-Hill Clark was born blind. We were told that their was nothing "medically" that could be done. As you can imagine this news devestated my wife and I. Amidst our frustration I started to realize that many have it worse off than us, and feeling bad for ourselves was not going to help anything. And so we began praying, however I have never seen a miracle, so I honestly did not have much faith.

    However miraculously, and despite my lack of faith, my son was healed! The doctors that had diagnosed him as blind, cannot explain why he is seeing. In my life I have prayed for alot of things that have not come to fruition. I had never seen a miracle up until now. But for whatever reason my son was healed. And I feel a need to bless you with this story.

    DJ Jason Kreitzenhaumendorfer

    Vicariously born in a small cottage in the foothills of western Germany...DJ Kreitzenhaumendorfer was destined for greatness. Not since David Hasselhoff has Germany had someone so inspirational, so German, and so German to cheer for. Owe sure, Dirk Nowitzki might have a couple of fans in Dallas, but nobody is more popular in the foothills of western Germany than the Volkswagen driving DJ Jason Kreitzenhaumendorfer. In 1986 he won the sauerkraut eating competition in Lincoln, Nebreska. In 1992 he won the Mr. "Caucasian" Bixby trophy by beating out the defending 46 year old champion Leaf Nicoli. In 1998 Jason vicariously traveled from New York to San Francisco and back in his German-made Volkswagen "Bug" Van. If you want the recreate Octoberfest at your next party, call the Polka king, and pride of Germany. DJ Jason Kreitzenhaumendorfer.

    DJ Matt "The Legend of the Fall"

    Brad Pitt? Colin Farrell?..No, it's DJ Matt "The Legend of the Fall." This Tulsa DJ brings the energy. He is the human Redbull that your party needs. Call today and ask for DJ Matt, or DJ Jason, or DJ Nate Moseley, or DJ Kurtis, or Thom, or Chavez or...they're all good. "Tulsa's Number One Disk Jockeys" - Modern Bride Magazine

    DJ Angelo an "American Legend"

    The DJ Angel an "American Legend" is an American legend. This U.S. military reservist is anything but reserved. When he DJs Tulsa is happy. He is one of the premier DJs in Tulsa.

    Fun Factoid: DJ Angelo enjoys long walks on the Jenks riverwalk with his wife to be.

    DJ Clay "Voyance" Clark

    As the Owner, President, Head Honcho of DJ Connection Tulsa Inc. 2007 State of Oklahoma Young Entrepreneur of the Year, & the 2002 Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year Award Recipient "DJ Clay" has the gift of gab & the personality to get your crowd to laugh, or at least chuckle as they proceed to the buffet line. Having DJ'ed well over 500 events, Clay is as he puts it, "The host with the most, the voice of choice & the man with the plan" for your next event.  P.S. The DJ Connection DJs listed below are "The number-one DJs in the Tulsa area..." - Modern Bride Magazine: December/January 2005 Edition. DJ Clay is truly committed to helping others succeed and he is an admitted consumer of the Napolean Hill "Kool-Aid." For additional information on booking DJ Clay as a motivational speaker for your company, church or institution of higher-learning click HERE.

    Rich Dee
    Having taught in the Sand Springs Public School System for a nuclear half-life, when it comes to DJing this University of Phoenix alumnus (who also received his doctorate from Southeastern Baltimore State University) is more flexible than a gymnast. His mind is a virtual Top 40 list, just ask him "Hey who sings this song?"...and he'll tell you who wrote it, when it came out & about 16 other random trivial facts about the brothers, sisters & cousins of the songs writer's uncle. DJ Rich Dee always knows the perfect song to play and when to play it at the venue of choice or at the Tulsa Marriott.
    DJ Koby "3000"

    DJ Koby "3000" is one of DJ Connection's finest protige's. His mind is a cornucopia of rhythm and his soul is a tamborine of fun. Book him today, and jam out tommorrow.**Fun Factoid: DJ Koby prefers to DJ at the Mayo Hotel in downtown Tulsa...he finds the ambiance and glamor best fits his high-profile groove.

    DJ Shawn "the Orator"

    In the history of the Earth...there have been but few men who have been chosen...few that have the gift...and even fewer that can be called the "the Orator"...and his name is DJ Shawn...he glows with enunciation...overflows with articulateness...and his name is Shawn...

    DJ Adam "Keep the Faith" K
    DJ Adam is "Captain Curteous" and "Mr. Fun" at the same time. He always brings the excitement, energy & "the Force" to each & every event. So get out your light sabers & get ready to dance. FUN FACTOID: DJ Adam is always down to play some George Michael, and his favorite George Michael song is "Faith." The ironic thing is his wife's name is also "Faith." FUN FACTOID: DJ Adam loves dining at the Renaissance Tulsa Hotel & Convention Center.
    DJ Rabu "Flava" Leyva
    DJ Rabu is the man with a plan sent here from Thoreau Academy to bless Tulsa, Oklahoma & America with his "theatrics" (he teaches theatre) & the contagious innner joy that only he can bring to your event. Every time he is on the mic, he is simply "On Fire" so "stop drop and roll."
    DJ Austin "Powers," TX
    DJ Austin "Powers" is not only extremely popular in the remaining remnants of the "feudal society-and-Old-World" Europe, he is the unofficial re-discoverer of Austin, Texas. When Lord Austin is not attending to his fief, his manor and his vassals he can generally be found providing protection for his servants in return for homage and allegiance. When he is not providing protection for his servants in return for homage and allegiance, he can be found DJing in Claremore. DJ Austin is bi-coastal, quasi-tri-lingual and the "Man With A Plan" when your party must cross the moat of "un-dancing-ness" in order to get into the "Castle- of-Pandemonium-and-Cardio-Vascular-Spectacular-Wonderment ." (for a flow chart and diagram of the above listed information please call 245-2478...ask for Lord Richard the 1st of Baltimore).
    DJ Josh "Velvet-Touch & Golden Eagle" Atkinson
    How does one describe DJ Josh? This former Division-1 ORU Basketball Star is just as competitive about DJing as he once was about Basketball. In his never ending quest for the "Perfect Show" Whether he is on the mic in Tulsa keeping your party flowing smoothly or on the floor in Dallas teaching your Grandma how to do the Electric Slide (while moon walking), Josh consistently delivers some of Tulsa's best DJ performances. DJ Josh was nicknamed "Velvet Touch" by Richard Roberts after he poured in 20 plus points as the Golden Eagles went on to beat TU at the Mabee Center.
    DJ Joel "Reyes-the-Roof"
    DJ Joel is bi-lingual, & triumphantly amazing at getting crowds out on the dance floor. When he's not out making guacamole & salsa dancing with his hombres and his wife, Joel can be found at a banquet facility near you getting crazy Uncle Eddie to lead the conga line...Big "Shout-Outs" to his wife Maralana, their baby girl Payton & their handsome "man-boy" Ashton. DJ Joel is one of Tulsa's best mobile entertainers and wedding DJs.
    Doug Decker
    Shortly after Clay Clark received the 2002 Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year Award Doug received the 1976-2003 Life Time Achievement "Pure Energy" Awards from DJ Connection Tulsa Inc., and my wife Vanessa Clark. What does this all mean? Doug can & will get people on the dance floor! He alone has more energy than most wedding parties combined. Because DJ Doug is a beautiful Tulsa DJ-man his photo is disproportionately large...just look at the white space below...
    DJ Derek "Tobasco" Leggett
    DJ Derek always brings the energy to the party. He has single-handedly mastered "cold-fusion" technology to a degree that allows him and him alone to have access to an unlimited supply of reuseable energy. When he DJs your event (after arriving in his hydrogen, solar & wind-powered) DJ Derek mobile, known as "Lou Martin" you will quickly be in awe of the greatness that is...DJ DEREK!
    Jay Bittle
    Jay "Coach" Bittle is considering changing his legal name to "Hugh Morris." This High School basketball coach is an amazing DJ and belongs on "Comedy Central" but we at DJ CONNECTION just happen to be disproportionately blessed enough to have him as a DJ plain & simple. Jay has that infectious smile & charisma to keep your crowd hopping. If you can name it, Jay can tell you who sings it. Jay-Mania!***DJ Jay has a striking resemblance to Mr. Clean.
    DJ Alan "The Painter" Parker
    Funny is to Alan, as the morning is to the dew, as the color green is to spring foliage, as butter is to bread, as his sweetness is their weakness. (This wonderful haiku was composed by Clayvis Maximus III) And he paints.
    DJ Albert "Italiano" Bertini
    DJ Albert Italiano Bertini is an Italian-weight-lifting-DJ through and through, when he is not DJing he and his wife can usually be found at home making "Protein Pizzas" from scratch while listening to Dean Martin's "That's Amore" on continuous repeat, until the "Creatine Dough" has risen. Once the "Creatine" dough has risen, DJ Albert is always down for a great party. Give him 10 minutes with a captive audience and he'll have your partygoers both young and old out dancing until the wee hours of the morning.
    DJ Adam Golden "Mic"
    DJ Adam Golden is truly "Golden" on the mic. With his infectious sense of humor & his engaging style of announcing & mixing DJ Adam is guaranteed to get your crowd out dancing on your big day!
    DJ "Diggler" a.k.a. "Never-Nervous" Curtis Graham
    "Never-Nervous" Curtis is a bold man, and perhaps America's 3rd best DJ (Curtis also could also repair a nucleur submarine, if needed). "Never-Nervous" is truly never nervous unless he is around Missy (his fabulous fiance), so anyway...if you need your nucleur submarine repaired for a fraction of retail cost or a dj to help make your party slightly better than great, DJ Curtis is your man. (to demonstrate is "never-nervous" qualities, he opted to have this photo taken surrounded by lions at the Tulsa Zoo).
    DJ Josh "Shiatsu" Shinault
    On occasional rare occasions is the Earth blessed with a human-being (as opposed to an alien) who is smoothe on the mic all the time...and the smoothest of these suave smoothe talkers is DJ Josh "Shiatsu" Shinault. When your party is lacking, DJ Josh will provide the energetic backing to get your party people out on the dance floor.
    DJ Maurice "The Entertainer"
    Never has the world seen a man with such charisma, such soul, such funk & such irrestistable charm. DJ Maurice blesses his audiences with a bountiful bonanza of colorful commentary and masterful mixes. In other news...DJ Maurice decided not to turn pro after his 8th grade year at Sequoyah Middle School and went on to help Broken Arrow win the State Basketball Championship in the late 90's. He carried the team on his back for the entire season...needless to say he needs a good chiropracter. The team was held together only because of his extreme humbleness and ability to recognize that letting others lead the team in every major statistical category would be the best way for him to lead by example.
    DJ Dave and the "Funky Bunch" Reese
    DJ Dave is the Western Hemisphere's most environmentally friendly, pro-active, and eloquent Master of Ceremonies. He will get you out dancing! Shaking, grooving, moving, bobbing, weaving & gyrating like early Elvis, but Now. You can see Dave touring in concert w/ Marky Mark and "Funky Bunch" weekly at the Ramada in Okmulgee.
    DJ Alex "North by North West" North
    When your party needs some direction, you definately want DJ Alex "Chocolate Fountain" North. DJ Alex is an aspiring multi-media producer and has talents on the mic as well as at the rodeo. If your elegant Tulsa reception is in need of little extra "oompha" give DJ Connection a call. DJ Alex loves djing at the Mayo Hotel of Tulsa, and is a legend at the Renaissance Hotel as well. DJ Alex loves to create the momentum, whether he is at Catoosa High School or Mickie's Occasions DJ Alex is the best.
    DJ "Mix Master" Marshall Katez
    DJ "Mississippi-Mix-Master" Marshall brings the Alacrity, the Vivaciousness and the Articulation to each & every announcement and song selection he makes while traveling the nation (662 to 918) virtually carrying each party on his back! And he's always "So Fresh & So Clean." (DJ Marshall pictured above...sits on a rock, pondering his neck BIG EVENT)
    Edwin "Puerto Rico" Pagan
    Do you need an English speaking DJ with a great knowledge of music ranging from the 50s to today? Do you need a Spanish speaking DJ with a great knowledge of Latin music? How about both! DJ Edwin has personality that screams "Fun!" He knows how to get the party going and how to keep it going, and if your party's Bongo drummer ever goes down with an injury, Edwin can play those too.
    DJ Jarrod Kopp & 1/2
    DJ Jarrod is a true showman & performer at heart. When your extravaganza needs a little life added to the party, holler at DJ Jarrod, and it's instant "Mardi-Gras." DJ Jarrod fun factoid: Jarrod enjoys long vigorous 20-35 minute walks in the park, and watching summer sunsets on the beach with his wife Leaha. His birth stone is Californium, his favorite color is teal, he's a AA baseball fan, Go "Erie Seawolves!"
    DJ Garrett "Gizmo" Overstreet
    DJ Garrett "Gizmo" is DJ Connection's "IT" support team. He has the technology and the drive, to keep the DJ computers alive.
    DJ "DJ Wax-Man" Wade Hayes
    DJ Wade "Wax-Man" Hayes & his twin brother Roy are both fabulous DJs. DJ Wade uses Arbonne's "RE-9" line to keep his skin youthful and taunt, & Arbonne's "Projesterone Cream" to keep his voice smooth & sexy.
    Shawn Rubidoux
    Vocally, Shawn's voice is not quite up there with James Earl Jones, but the man is close. Shawn has the personality and the voice just perfect for a DJ. He is a fun guy who is not afraid to get the "Casbah (and/or the Cash Bar)" rocking.
    Emerson Sparks
    Bottom line, nobody on the planet earth looks better in a suit than DJ "E", which is good because that is all the man will wear. Emerson has an impeccable sense of style with both his choice of clothes and with his musical tastes. He is smooth on the mic & and truly amazing DJ. He is also is the proud new father of a "Baby-Boy-Sparks."**Oddly enough, DJ Emerson looks very similar to the late Henry Ford.
    DJ Garret.com
    It is rare in this world when a man with so much charm & so many adjectives unites with custom-made 1955 SH Shure Microphone for that perfect announcement. But with Garret.com that happens at each and every show. The man is mercilessly good when it comes to making perfect announcements. People have been know to cry after witnessing his beautiful and majestic microphone magic.
    DJ Joey "Reebok" Odom
    DJ Joey is slightly funnier than he should be, and he likes it, and other people do to, which is why he now also works for "Reebok" promoting the official shoe of Allen Iverson (one of America's most unintentionally funny people). 
    Dwayne Carson
    DJ Dwayne is a high-energy entertainer with an ability to adapt to any crowd. Dwayne knows music, and if R & B is your forte Dwayne is "feeling you." Dwayne is an excellent enthusiastic DJ with an infectiously upbeat personality to match. Feel free to join the Dwayne fan club @ thom_clark@hotmail.com (this membership entitles you to that intangible joy of knowing that you are in a fan club, and to absolutely nothing tangible).
    DJ Jason "Cowboy" Bailey
    DJ Jason Bailey is one of DJ Connection's truly most innovative & creative "DJ Man." He loves DJing almost as much as he loves country music, and he loves country music...man he loves country music. DJ Jason also knows each line to nearly every movie that has ever been created within the last 3 years (he has a gift). For a swell time call and ask for DJ Jason at 918-481-2010.
    DJ Havana is the beautiful baby girl & daughter of DJ Vanessa & DJ Clayvis. What she lacks in experience she makes up for in cuteness.
    Tim Siegel
    Sometimes when I write these short bios I run out of witty things to say, but Tim never does. Time has a new vocal imitation for everyday, and a huge library of "One-liner's" in his head to make you laugh so much that you may actually pull an abdominal muscle, if not all of them.**DJ Tim has an oddly peculiar resemblance to Shawn Hannity.
    DJ Roman "the Roman"
    DJ Roman "the Roman" is not only one of the last survivors from the "Roman" empire, but he is truly a megalomaniac bent on creating a world of unlimited dancing & merriment. DJ Roman is a great performer who even knows a little bit about aquaducts.
    DJ Bobbs
    DJ Bobbs brings a half-gallon drum of enthusiasm to each & every show, and a smile to everyone's face. He is entertaining & a true gentleman; DJ Bobbs is slightly more fabulous than he is amazing.
    DJ Dan "Ring My" Bell
    DJ Dan has a wonderful wit and he is truly "DJ Segue." His pleasantries and delicious microphone remarks will keep your crowd laughing in between songs. DJ Dan is also one of the "User-Friendly Phonebook's" best Yellow-Page salesmen. Dan is happily married to Tamie, who he enjoys bird hunting with.
    DJ Bradley "Tank"
    DJ Brad is one of the American Broadcast School's finest DJ prodigies. He also knows every country song every written...and because of this one-two combo DJ Brad has proven himself to be one of Tulsa's premier jockeys of disk. Vote "DJ Bradley Tank" in 2008!...in his spare time DJ Brad enjoys fixing cillinoids on DJ vans at 3 am.
    DJ Brad "York" Nelson

    DJ Brad originally hales from New York, which is one of the reasons he is an incredibly well versed DJ. If you want "Piano Man", "Jessie's Girl" or "Let's Get It on" he'll know what song you are talking about and when it would be a great time to fit that song into the mix.

    Random Fun Fact:

    DJ Brad is an excellent Motor Cycle racer, and prefers to wear "Old Spice" over "Nautica."

    DJ Thaddeus "Maximus of Troy"
    DJ Thaddeus "Maximus" is a tremendous DJ of biblical (B.C. & A.D.) proportions. Not only is he the real life brother of "DJ Dave & the Funky Bunch," but he is also the brother from another mother of Orlando Bloom...which is why Thadeus so graciously allowed Orlando to star in "Troy," as opposed to himself...Bottom line, DJ Thaddeus is a festive, humble & overall truly great assett to have at your next party. His MC skills are great & he is very flexible to accomodate each one of your guests needs.
    DJ Aaron "Belushi" Smith
    DJ Aaron "Belushi" Smith is on a mission to get America dancing, which is why he is getting the band back together...which is why he is the heart throb of nearly every Owasso teenage girl, however he is married. For information on how to join the DJ Aaron Fan Club please call 918-245-2478, and ask for "Rich Dee" (Aaron's agent).
    DJ Todd "Villa"
    DJ Todd "Villa" Graham tied with his brother DJ "Never-Nervous" Curtis Graham as DJ Connection's handiest DJ. Not only is great on the mic, and great reading the crowd...he can fix your septic tank and turn your tool shed in the Taj Mahal in between shows using only a skill saw, some spackling compound & some duct tape. Todd is the "self-appointed" PEOPLE'S CHAMPION & a tremendously festive DJ/host. Fun Factoid: Todd is a huge fan of Neil Diamond impersonators.
    DJ Brandon "Boom-Box" Simms

    DJ Brandon "Boom-Box" Simms is a seasoned DJ veteran. Ever since his precious "Box O' Boom" was replaced by the advent of the CD player DJ Brandon's performances have become the stuff of legend. His skills are 2nd to none & are truly the best thing since the Dolby Dual Tape Deck High Speed Dubbing Technology System.

    DJ Dustin "Man" Lee
    DJ Dustin "Man" Lee was an incredible 5th & 6th grade short stop. DJ Dustin is an incredible attractor of women. DJ Dustin is well versed in 1.5 languages. DJ Dustin was nominated for "DJ of the Year" (by his mother). (stick around for more exciting "DJ Dustin" haikus. **This photo is dedicated to DJ Dustin's prominent arm.
    Andy "Euro" Mathurin
    Andy "Euro" Mathurin is originally from England & is always down for "Tea & English Muffins." He originally came to Tulsa on a basketball scholarship to play for Oral Roberts University. After getting his vertical leap up to 40 + inches he has now decided to use his athletic ability to leap over the bachelors to catch the garter at every wedding (just kidding, but do not challenge him to a leaping contest). Andy has a great heart, a genuine love for people & I think in time will probably become a Conservative Republican at the Citiplex.
    DJ BJ "Kaleb" Blocker
    DJ BJ "The Golden Eagle" Blocker is a "track star" and DJ combo. This ORU almnus loves Tulsa, the Eagles and entertaining the masses. When your party is through it is a forgone conclusion that you will want to rendezvous with BJ for a round of complimentary high-fives.
    DJ Derek and "Da' Boyz"

    It could go with out saying, however it must be spoken...DJ Derek is not an active member of Boyz II Men. After his crushing & stunning defeat on American Idol, DJ Derek was determined to be added as a replacement vocalist for Boyz II Men. This dream looked as though it would become a reality as he picked up thrilling victories at local tulsa proms, corporate parties and reunions. During the annual Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Jenks, Owasso, Glenpool, Cushing, Mannford, Sapulpa, Stillwater, Keystone, Sand Springs' Invitational Vocal Tournament season it appeared as though DJ Derek could and would win. But then things took a turn for the worse and before his management team (his mother & her associates) could do anything about it Derek was eliminated in dramatic fashion by a young up and coming star named Brian. This 7 year old wonder child demoralized Derek to the point, that he has now vowed to never sing again...unless you pay him to...and that is a promise...unless he changes his mind...in which case he would notify you with one of his vintage covers of a Michael Bolton cover of song Michael Bolton covered.

    DJ Zach "Sky" Walker
    DJ Zach is Tulsa's "Z-Factor" and the common denominator you need to get your party started. Not only has DJ Zach "Sky" Walker memorized the lines to each and every "Star Wars" episode, he is also not afraid to use the "force" to get your friends & family out on the dance floor. He is one of Tulsa's premier wedding DJs.
    DJ Yoda: (Retired DJ)

    At DJ Connection we have found it wise to consult the retired DJ "Yoda" before making any quick decisions...

    DJ Steven "The Singer" Senger
    DJ Steven "The Singer" Senger has electrified Tulsa area audiences from Beggs to Bartlesville with his wit, humor and phenomenal "dj voice of choice." Although DJ Steven "The Singer" Senger is not a "Singer," he does strongly endorse Singer Sewing Machines & Instruments.
    DJ Casey "The Vault" Bank$
    DJ Casey "The Vault" Bank$ is one of Tulsa's elite banking specialists, and he happens to DJ. If you want to make a deposit, or an "over-the phone" wire transfer he is your man. One time in 1997 he actually did an "on-line transaction" during his lunch period while counting the cash deposit from a "Drive-Through" customer.
    DJ James "The Big Wig"

    DJ James "The Big Wig" is one of Tulsa's premier wedding & entertainment DJs. His "Wig" is "Big" and his enunciation is unmatched. If you want to jammeth out on your big day until you get cardiovascular and spectacular simultaneously...DJ James is your brother from another mother. (DJ James' hair has been digitally enhanced for this photo without his express written consent)

    DJ "Too Kool" Keith & the "Furious Five"

    DJ "Too Kool" Keith is one of Tulsa's elite wedding DJs...and not only is he one of the premier DJs in Tulsa, but he has incredible hair. For a "hair-band" themed  party and great hair see Keith. **Keith's hair is 100% natural and DJ Keith strongly endorses using the Arbonne line of hair products exclusively. In fact Keith likes Arbonne so much, he bought into the company. Keith is an Arbonne consultant on the down line of a very close personal friend of his Mother's sister Karen's neighbor Steven who is direct to an ENVP on the DL. Because of his MLM background DJ Keith prefers to deal directly with the customers who are a part of his "Leg." When Keith has his Arbonne Mercedes car presentation he has insured his agents that RE9 will be provided to all who attend.

    DJ Greg "Great" Dane

    DJ Greg "Great" Dane is currently one of Tulsa's premier wedding DJs...however in the future he will be one of America's premier Dr./DJ combos (which is rare). If your party is in need of some "Great"-ness, Greg has plenty to spare.


    DJ Kaleb "Kenobi"

    DJ Kaleb is one Tulsa DJ that brings more than just a light show, mobile music & some reception music experience. DJ Kaleb brings entertainment, which is why we affectionately call him DJ Kaleb "Kenobi." He is a DJ Jedi, and he will use the "Force" if he has to get your party going. This Oklahoma DJ brings more flavor than a Baskin Robins store and more color than a plasma screen.

    DJ Roger "Mahal" and his twin brother Kevin

    DJ Roger "Mahal" is a modern marvel. His mix of sincerity, energy & dedication to wowing crowds always results in a half gallon of fun. For more information on how to mix water with fun check out http://www.h20.com/.

    Fun Factoid: DJ Roger loves djing wedding receptions at the Golf Club of Oklahoma in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma for Oklahomans.

    DJ Jonathan P. Coltrane
    DJ Jonathan P. Coltrane loves to provide reliable mobile DJ service, however he likes "Dukes of Hazzard" more. In 2005 DJ Jonathan was so offended by the lack of integrity put into the "Dukes of Hazzard" remake that he vowed to work with Congress to insure that America will never have to witness such a terrible movie again. His "Bad Movie Reform Bill" is currently waiting to reviewed on the "House Floor" (of his apartment). To fund his crusade for a better tomorrow DJ Jonathan now has redirected his passions to provide DJ service for the following areas: Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, & Des Moines (no other parts of Iowa will be served by DJ Jonathan). DJ Jonathan will also be working at the following types of parties throughout his busy 2006-2009 campaign schedule in his quest for real reform: Tulsa Bar Mitzvahs, Oklahoma Weddings, Tulsa Weddings, Oklahoma Parties, Tulsa Parties. Oklahoma Bar Mitzvahs, Oklahoma Disk Jockeys, Tulsa Disk Jockey Association Brew Ha Has, Cherokee Nation revival meetings, Tulsa Dances, Oklahoma Entertainment, The Tulsa Entertainment Jimmy Jam Slam, the Wedding DJ Out-Door Tent Meetings, Riverwalk Latin Salsa Slumber Parties, Oklahoma Sound Engagements, the 2007 Tulsa DVD & MP3 Swap Meet Auction Live from Bukarest, Oklahoma Karaoke meetings, the Tulsa Prom Fest 2006, the Oklahoma Prom & Livestock Cattle Prod Invitational, the Tulsa Formal & Casual Conference for the Freedom of the Few Concert, Tulsa Lighting and Sound Show Down at Motown in Morris Minnesota, the Sweet 16 Jam Out Invitational and Beat Box Invitational, Valentines Parties, Project Graduation Gama Squadron Pool Party, Tulsa Oklahoma lock-ins, the Oklahoma Aquarium Outdoord Hot Dog Roast and Ice Carving Conference of Events, the Elks Lodge and St. Pius Beat Box Concrete Carving Tennis Club, the Oklahoma Spine and Brain Events, Rotary Club events, Tulsa Tennis Club events, The Fed Ex Holiday Laser Tag Night, the Indian Springs Golf Club Events, Toga Parties, the Non-Toga Parties, the DJ Clay is Tulsa's Best Wedding DJ 2006 Jam Fest, of Oklahoma events, Oklahoma State events, the Rogers State University Events, American Legion Events, the Holiday Inn Select Cocktail Thursday Night Gala, the Bixby Chamber of Commerce Events, the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce Events, the Nordam Holiday Event, the DJ Josh is Tulsa's Premier & Elite Wedding Pep Rally, the German-American Tulsa, Oklahoma Fraternity Party featuring Flava Flav and the Humpty Dance Video DJ, the Sorority parties, US Cellular Tulsa parties, the Tulsa convention entertainment, the Stillwater Oklahoma Parties, the Norman Oklahoma Parties, Oklahoma City Parties, Tulsa Golden Hurricane Parties, ORU Golden Eagle Parties, the Concert Sound, the Tulsa's Best DJ Conference 2007, the Tulsa Tulsa Dance Floor Rentals, the DJ Connection Winter Ball, The Cedar Ridge Country Club Parties, the Southern Hills Laffy Taffy Themed Country Club parties, the Meadow Brooke Country Club Parties, Tulsa Trade Show After-Party, the Partners in Education Annual Readathon, the  Jenks Freshman Prom, Jenks High School Prom DJ, the Bristow High School Dance, Tulsa Celebration Station, NSU Parties, the Most Interactive DJ, Tulsa Winter Carnival, Inflateables in Tulsa, the Tulsa Oklahoma Swing Dance and the 2006 Eye Ball.
    DJ Dan "the Man"
    The DJ Dan is the "Man." This photo was taken at the Mayo Hotel in downtown Tulsa during the pinnacle of fun at a wedding reception. To all of those who are featured in this photo who have not given their expressed written consent...please send in your written consent.
    DJ "Uncle Hugo" Nate Chavez
    DJ "Uncle Hugo" Nate Chavez is one of the midwest's most entertaining and attentive hosts...he also is a Julio Eglesias impersonator on Thursday's at the Stroud Civic Center.
    DJ David "Su" Spence
    When DJ David is not out marinating and meditating about his previously great shows...he can usually be found at the Tulsa Meadow Brooke Country Club bringing the ardor, the passion and energy to each wedding reception quasi-nightly. If fun is your desire, DJ David will inspire...call now to setup an appointment at the "DJ Shire!" at (918) 481-2010.
    DJ Andrew "Neck-Free" Parker

    DJ Andrew "Neck-Free" Parker is one Oklahoma DJ, who is bound for success. Not only is he "Neck-Free" because of his excessive weight-lifting regimen, but he is very charismatic. When looking for a tulsa wedding DJ look for Andrew, and your party will be destined for goodness.

    Fun Fact: In 2004 Andrew Parker was voted as mostly likely to succeed by DJ Andy Simmons and the DJ Connection advisory high-elk council.

    DJ "K" Kurtis
    DJ "K" has a sense of style previously unseen from Green Country DJs. When he is not on the mic, his physical presence brings enough momentum to change your crowd's move. DJ "K" is an entertainer, and a gentleman.
    DJ Dan "Covenant" Roberts

    DJ Dan Roberts is man of integrity, an ORU almnus and a true gentleman. Not only is he fond of the movie "Meet Joe Black," but Dan is a tremendous Tulsa DJ. He has an uncanny ability to communicate to a large audience in a way that makes everyone feel as though he is speaking to them individually. He also has an uncanny ability to eat Arby's Roast Beef sandwiches.

    DJ Brenan "Gease"
    DJ Brenan "Gease" is former standout high school baseball player and the 2005 DJ Connection April calender "Man of the Month." DJ Brenan is a delight to be around is virsatile enought to work as a DJ/body-guard/oil-pump manager/dry-cleaning specialist. Call DJ Connection today to be connected with DJ Connection's most beautiful man.
    DJ Dennis (not Denise) Thomas
    DJ Dennis' name is not "Denise" and he would like for you to know that...growing up feeling like the 8th child in a family of 9 kids (he was not)...Dennis always felt as though people were calling him "Denise." To this day Dennis has issues with the name "Denise." Anyway all nomenclature set aside...DJ Dennis is a great tulsa wedding dj. Also...DJ Dennis gets told by EVERYONE that he looks like Rush Limbaugh's hansome and younger brother...
    DJ Ryan "W" Bush
    DJ Ryan "W" Bush has never been elected to public office. In 2003 he did however declare his eligibility for the NFL draft. He was not drafted. In fact he was not extended an offer by any team in any league to even try-out. However undeterred, in 2008 DJ Ryan plans to declare his eligibility for the Presidential nomination of the United States of America as he plans to run un-opposed to represent the "Free-Man" Party. If he is not nominated, he plans to continue his lucrative career as a premier Tulsa wedding DJ.
    DJ Anthony "The Italian Stallion" Harwell

    Oddly enough...DJ Anthony "The Italian Stallion" is in fact Italian. In fact during 2003 Anthony went on an unprecedented "buy-Italian-only" campaign in an attempt to help the struggling non-tourist economy of eastern italy. One pizza after the other...he ate only pizza...one glass of fine italian wine after the other...he drank only fine italian wine...it was an impressive campaign to say the least. What Anthony did not gain in publicity he gained in overall body weight.

    DJ Justin McClure "Des Fleures"

    DJ Justin McClure is America's self-proclaimed most humble Disk Jockey. He is Tulsa's and google's wedding dj of choice...In fact DJ Justin is an institution of Tulsa DJ entertainment. DJ Justin also shamelessly recommends Orr Nalp and his company Just Catering for all of your tulsa event catering needs...in all sincerity Justin wants you to call Orr for all of your catering needs at 402-1860.

    DJ Dusty the "Civil War Renactment"

    DJ Dusty is an American Tradition and a socio-economic institution...When your next party needs a civil war renactment specialist please request DJ Dusty the "Civil War Renactment" Bailey. In all sincerity his sideburns can and will grow to epic civil war proportions...also...this just in...DJ Dusty is quick-witted, fun and a great assett to any party...

    DJ Blake "Over-Deliver" Fraley
    DJ Blake is the consummate DJ professional. Each event, each week, each month DJ Blake consistently over-delivers his entertainment services to make Oklahoma's events the best that they can possibly be. DJ Blake will transform your next party into an epic event.
    DJ Blane "And the 10 Commandments" Smith
    DJ Blane "And the 10 Commandments" comes from the family of Smith. His ancestors descended from Eurasia in the 13th Century via the Carthage land bridge located near the Euphrates River. His sister "La DJ" almost appeared in Knight Rider in 1983.
    DJ "King" David

    DJ Dave is entertaining, motivating, captivating, and fun-filled! Little known factoid...DJ "King" David holds the Incan record for the most volleyball kills in one match. In fact in 2002, DJ David was nominated as "Mr. Entertainment" by THIRD WORLD COUNTRY MAGAZINE. If your Tulsa Wedding is in need of an excellent wedding DJ give DJ Connection and DJ Dave a call today.

    DJ Eric "The Leprechaun" Cooper

    DJ Eric "The Leprechaun" Cooper is one Tulsa DJ who can bring it each and every night. What is it? Tenacity, energy & a willingness to over-deliver. Check the vernacular because DJ Eric is spectacular. Whether he is DJing at the Tulsa Summitt Club or the Golf Club of Oklahoma, this Tulsa DJ brings the charisma. Fun Factoid: DJ Eric Cooper is actually not a lepracon, however he is Irish.

    DJ Joel "Remix" Nix
    DJ Joel Nix is a complex individual and DJ...he is well-versed in the cultural history and ancestory of the Myan and Incan cultures...and although his vast knowledge of these subjects has no application on the job he does feel good about his well-rounded educational background. To gain additional well-rounded and non-applicable knowledge Joel is currently studying humanities online at the online University of Phoenix.
    DJ "STEVO" Steve

    DJ "Stevo" Steve is an amazing individual for a multitude of reasons. Reason 1: DJ Stevo can build things using wood, and lumber, and other tree-related items...he struggles with bamboo and thatch construction.

    Reason 2: DJ Stevo can sing...and when he sings, he sounds like a song-bird on steroids.

    Reason 3: DJ Stevo quasi-looks like Justin Timberlake, and that is always important. In fact usually once per month DJ Stevo's mom will confuse him with Justin Timberlake.

    Reason 4: DJ Stevo can DJ with an alacrity, passion and focus that is hard to find. He will turn your party into an epic event?!


    DJ Ross "The Boss" Cochrane
    DJ Ross "The Boss" Cochrane is a living legend, and the king of entertainment. With his southern drawl, and his vast musical knowledge...DJ Ross is a Mr. Entertainment and Mr. Enthusiasm. For a good time call DJ Connection of Tulsa today and ask for the ultimate Tulsa Wedding DJ.
    DJ Marquess "The Samurai" Dennis
    In 1776 something wonderful happened...Something great occurred...Something magical happened...Oh the rumblings of a new country were occurring....oh and sure this great country of ours was developing into the "shining house on the hill," but the really important thing that was happening was more subtle, more incredible, more fabulous and more low-key...DJ Marquess "The Samurai" Dennis was born.
    DJ "San" Andreas "Fault"

    There was the Alamo...There is the "Rio Grande." There is "Taco Bell." And there is DJ "San" Andreas "Fault." He is your bi-lingual, solar-powered DJ solution. No one except DJ "San Andreas Fault" brings more authentic latin culture than a local "Taco Bell." Super-size your party, and add some guacamole to that party. Book DJ "San Andreas Fault."


    DJ Andy Rojas

    DJ Andy Rojas this an ORU protige. Ever since Richard Roberts stood down as the Chancellor of Oral Roberts University DJ Andy Rojas has stood up for equality, vitality, equity-heavy-home-loans, and domestic tranquility. Never before has a DJ brought more alacrity, flavor and irresistable charm. DJ Andy Rojas is one of Tulsa's best wedding DJs.

    DJ Adam "L-Boogie"
    This former forest fire-fighter, and "fire-jumper" is now the best assett in the Friday's franchises when not DJing. Go ahead, get in your car...drive on out to 61st & memorial and order some appetizers...and then behold...DJ Adam "L-Boogie."
    DJ Caleb Rice "and Beans"
    DJ Caleb is a small man...with a large personality, an incredible wit, and an artistic flair that will make your audience stop and stare. Call today and ask to see if DJ Caleb Rice "and Beans" is available for your next event.
    DJ Case "and Associates"
    Although DJ Case "and Associates" is not associated with Case and Associates he fancies himself as an unofficial associate and consultant to Case and Associates. DJ Case "And Associates" is always entertaining and has a natural ability to lead your audience with his charisma and euphoric joy.
    DJ Derek "The Dude"

    DJ Derek "The Dude" received his DJ name as part of a card game gone bad...let's just say he lost alot of farm land, a hatch-box Ford Escort, and his choice of a DJ name. DJ Derek is a tremendous Oklahoma DJ.


    DJ Gabrielle "El Nino"

    DJ Gabrielle is the bi-lingual, festive, fabulous and original "Nacho Grande"....the "El Nino" and the DJ of choice for the hispanic-american and the non-hispanic-american cultures. Call today to celebrate with the joy machine that is DJ Gabrielle.

    DJ "A.D.A." Hodges
    DJ "A.D.A." Hodges is a DJ legacy of sorts. His father is the skilled artisan that works on DJ Clay's dental grill. Without the skilled-hands of "A.D.A." Hodges' father, DJ Clayvis would not have the beautiful, joy-inspiring face that has revolutionized the modern world. In fact without Hodges' father, DJ Clayvis would not be so incredibly humble. DJ Hodges, however is a skilled artisan in his own right, whether motorcycling, or DJing, this Tulsa DJ knows how to inspire and wire your crowd everytime.
    DJ Joe "Smalls"
    DJ Joe "Smalls" is a basketball legend. This University of Tulsa standout defensive and offensive juggernaut knows failure not...and knows victory "alot"...It was all a dream, DJ Joe "Smalls" used to read "Word Up" Magazine, while listening and Heavy D. up in his limousine...now he is Tulsa's premier wedding DJ. 
    DJ John "Tao" 4000
    DJ John "Tao" is quality. Bottom line, you will not find anyone more clever, ever, than DJ John "Tao" and his imaginary twin brother Trevor. Call today to schedule this American dream.
    Dave Brown

    Sure Dave Brown is not a DJ and probably does not really belong on the "Meet the DJs Page" but DJ Connection has been able to sustain such tremendous growth in large part because of the hard work and dedication of DJ Dave Brown. Not only is DJ Dave a phenomenal DJ in his own right (Clay & Dave work the Coppell High School Project Graduation every year together) but he knows his DJ Gear...which is good because we have purchased 16 full DJs systems including: Professional sound & lighting equipment, countless microphones, amps, PA systems, monitors, turntables, headphones and much, much more from Dave over the years. And now because of the massive quantities of extraordinary equipment we have purchased from DJ Dave over the years, DJ Connection has been able to DJ over 400+ events per year including: Wedding Ceremony's, wedding receptions, proms, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, reunions, rodeos, karaoke competitions, impersonator shows, cheerleading competitions, pool parties, graduation parties, Christmas parties, Halloween parties, Valentine's Parties, Project Graduations, lock-ins, youth group parties, singles events, concerts, MC-battles, dance clubs, banquets, auctions, elementary school parties, hawaiian-themed parties, sock hops, country line dance events, college sports parties, Super Bowl parties, New Year's Eve parties, casino-themed nights, bingo nights, outdoor fun fests, jazz festivals, carnivals, lake-side beach parties, car shows, drag-racing competitions, football parties, house-warming parties, going-away parties, thanksgiving parties, name-that-tune competitions, Bama Pie's Events, Boeing's events, Bank of America functions, Captus Solutions Open House, Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce events, Oklahoma Aquarium events, Elks Lodge events, Renaissance Hotel events, Holiday Inn Select events, White Hawk Golf Course events, Bixby YMCA events, Bixby High School events, Bixby Middle School events, Jenks events, Owasso Cheerleading Fundraisers, Sand Springs Fundraisers, The Oaks Country Club events, Meadow Brooke Country Club events, Golf Club of Oklahoma events, Tarp Chapel events, Citiplex events, Summitt Club events, Petroleum Club events, Bank Of Oklahoma events, Oklahoma Spine & Brain events, Rotary Club events, Tulsa Tennis Club events, Indian Springs golf club events, toga parties, University of Oklahoma events, Oklahoma State events, University of Minnesota events, Rogers State University events, American Legion events, Bixby Chamber of Commerce events, Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce events, Dassel-Cokato High School events, and much, much more...thank you Dave! P.S.

    DJ Dave is fond of using the following key words when speaking of DJing in Tulsa: Tulsa DJs, Oklahoma DJs, Tulsa Weddings, Oklahoma Weddings, Oklahoma Parties, Tulsa Parties. 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