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    Founded in a Minnesota basement...marinated in an Oral Roberts University dorm room...and developed from within the city limits of Tulsa, Oklahoma, DJ Connection is now one of America's largest and best Mobile Entertainment Services. Not only is DJ Connection America's self-proclaimed "Most Humble DJ Service," but DJ Connection has also received (but is not limited to) the following recognitions for our excellence in quality, humor and alacrity.  So now with out any further ado, it is our pleasure to present the following pieces of highly-biased propaganda factory direct to you.

    For additional highly-biased information click or read on below....



    (although DJ Josh was later disqualified for his blatant steroid use...he did get 30 kills vs. the Lynn Wood Elementary all girls under 60 lb. division...he's kind of a "big deal" at the office).

    (Al & Clay pictured above sort of worked together to invent the "internet."...Clay did most of the work, but Al focussed mainly on marketing the idea...Al & Clay think that by the year 2243 most of the world will be on the internet and underwater...thanks again Al!)

    • In 2004 Clay Clark CEO of DJ Connection worked hard with the Al Gore (the inventor of the internet) to make time travel possible, however funding was not secured...it was later discovered that the time-reality that Al is in fact DJ Clayvis brother from another mother...oddly enough both Al and DJ Clayvis can trace their ancestory back to Caucasia.
    • In 2003 Clay Clark CEO and official High-Elk of DJ Connection was featured with the DJ Connection Minister of Entertainment Josh Smith on KTUL's Good Morning Oklahoma for their outstanding work with the Tulsa Bridal Association.
    • In 2002 Clay Clark read Napoleon Hill's "Think & Grow Rich" and his world changed...thank you Jeremy Thorn for MAKING me read this book...without your leadership, I would still be working for you...
    • In 2002 Clay Clark married cofounder of DJ Connection Vanessa Clark..thus solidifying their partnership as co-owners and "lovers" at DJ Connection. This connection officially made dating at the office acceptable.
    • In 2001 Clay Clark works for the Target Corporatation as an esteemed guest associate, at Tax and Accounting Software as a customer service agent while attending college at OSU Okmulgee when not working at Faith Highway.
    • In 2001 Lori Montag of Montag Photography tactfully, and dramatically changes Clay Clark's reality...teaching him the ways of the Wedding Vendor Jedi...thank you Lori.
    • During the summer of 2000, DJ Clay Clark returns home to Minnesota to work as a concrete grunt worker, a home health aid, and as Mr. Manual Labor in an attempt to raise the capital needed to jump start the DJ business.
    • In 2000 Clay Clark begins subcontracting for All Access Mobile Music (thank you - Rob)

    (MC Adam Bagwell & DJ Clayvis pictured above)

    • In the year 2000 after barely surving Y2K DJ Clayvis worked with MC Adam Bagwell to create the "ORU Slim Shady" parody, and although the mega-on-campus hit resulted in Clay's "voluntary withdrawl" from the house that Oral built DJ Clayvis did enjoy the ride.
    • In 2000 Clay Clark's shameless self-promotion of DJ Connection began from the "Epicenter of Entertainment," his ORU dorm room #416.
    • In 1999, from the friendly confines of a rural Minnesota home basement DJ Connection was founded under the name of "C&G: Mobile DJ Service"

    DJ Connection Tulsa Inc. is the America's most entertaining and humble Professional Disk Jockey service. Started 1996 in Cokato, Minnesota by a high school student with a dream, the "Gift of Gab" and an insationable desire to keep crowds laughing and dancing simulataneously (which is tough to do for most Minnesotans). DJ Connection has grown to now staff 25 + interactive and articulate MC/DJs.

    DJ Connection Tulsa Inc. now services a 4 hour radius of the Tulsa Market while continuing to not charge travel fees. (Subtle Hint...we now offer non-stop (we might stop for gas) service to Dallas, Eureka Springs, Independence, Kansas, Kansas City, Kansas, Paola Kansas, Springfield, Missouri, Alderon, and anywhere within 4 hours of Tulsa). Founded with the DEFINATE CHIEF AIM of becoming America's best mobile entertainment service, and on the Napolean Hill's principle of "Consistently deliver more service than for which we are paid" DJ Connection continues to double in size each year with the help of excellent word of mouth, strong DJs, advertising, and satisfied customers.

    DJ Connection Highly-Biased Fun Facts:

    *Staffing 40 + DJ/MCs, DJ Connection is Mid-West America's largest and most trusted name for professional disk jockey service.

    *DJ Connection was honored with the 2002 Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

    *DJ Connection is proud member of the Tulsa Bridal Association, Tulsa Chamber of Commerce, Bixby Chamber of Commerce and the League of Extraordarinary Gentlemen.

    *DJ Connection hosted the 2003 Urban Tulsa, Best of Tulsa Awards.

    *DJ Connection was featured on Oklahoma's News Channel 8 during 2003, 2004, & 2005 for our role in Tulsa Bridal Association.

    *DJ Connection donates of 100 + shows per year (worth of service) to such NPO's as the: March of Dimes, Walking for Bridges and the American Cancer Society.

    *The average human head weighs 8 lbs.

    *DJ Connection is co-owned and operated by Vanessa Clark, former Oral Roberts University Cheerleader, proud mother Havana Clark & wife of Clay Clark.

    *DJ Connection was featured on the cover of the Tulsa World "Business Section" in 2002.

    *DJ Connection has been the DJ of choice for the Holiday Inn Select, Bama Pie, the Oklahoma Aquarium, The Tulsa Bridal Assocation, Quick Trip, Bank of Oklahoma, Crowne Plaza of Tulsa, Bank of America, Hilton Hotels, The Marriott Hotels, the Renaissance Hotel, Coppell High School, Memorial High School, Cedar Ridge Country Club, The Golf Club of Oklahoma, The Citiplex Towers, The Forest Ridge Country Club, Tulsa Community College, Community Care, The Crowne Plaza Hotel, The University of Phoenix, Cronie's Bar, Friday's Resteraunt, The Outback Resteraunt, Slick Willi's, Carabas Resteraunt, Fed Ex, Pepsi Bottling Co., Nordam, The Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce, The Bixby Chamber of Commerce, Wiltel, TV Guide, Mickie's Occasions, The Performing Arts Center, Higher Dimensions Family Church...deep breathe...Broken Arrow High School, Union Schools, Bristow High School, Claremore High School, Sequoyah/Claremore High School, Rogers State University, The University of Tulsa, Boeing, Mary Clark, Thom Clark, Junior Achievement, Five Oaks, Skelly Lodge, Tarp Chapel, Tulsa area YMCAs and many, many more...Hopefully be the DJ Choice of YOU.

    DJ CONNECTION is a privately owned & operated mobile disk jockey service, specializing in going that extra mile to make your next party, reception, or banquet a SUCCESS!

    Going the Extra Mile...

    Because we are privately owned we can offer you:

    • Quality service at affordable prices
    • Customized playlists, formulated AFTER a consultation with you, not BEFORE...We have the music you want
    • Specialized music mixes to be used as introductions, segues or just because
    • Individualized light shows (fog included)
    • Experienced professional DJs.

    Seasonal Specials
    Make sure to ask about our custom mixes & "Seasonal Specials."

    Fun Factoid: DJ Connection is the official DJ of choice for (owner) Clay Clark's mother:

    "My son is handsome, articulate and perfect in every way. I recommend DJ Connection and "DJ Clayton" for Tulsa Potlucks, church BBQs, birthday parties, Tulsa weddings, Tulsa receptions & bunco parties." (DJ Clay's Mom & beautiful daughter pictured above)

                                                 - Mary Clark (DJ Clayton's Mother)

    For more information about DJ Connection's founder, serial entrepreneur, award-winning U.S. SBA "Entrepreneur of the Year" Clay Clark call us today at 918-481-2010. Listed below are various links to his multiple business ventures. Click below visit these websites:

    Founder of DJ Connection, U.S. Chamber National Blue Ribbon Quality Award Winner,  U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Dallas Business Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Tulsa Metro Chamber "Entrepreneur of the Year" Clay Clark is also the founder of Tulsa Real Estate company Fears & Clark Realty Group. This company is the home of the best Tulsa realtors in Oklahoma. Find your house today at www.fearsclark.com.

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