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    For more information on scheduling the official DJs of the Jenks, Bixby and Broken Arrow Proms call DJ Connection at 918-481-2010.

    DJTV: School Dance Propaganda Episode:

    This Episode of DJTV looks to explore the relationship between America's Best DJs and America's Best School Dances.

    DJTV: The Prom / School Dance Episode:

    (918) 481-2010

    At DJ Connection YOU are the boss. Bottom line if you want the "Cha Cha Slide," the "Electric Slide," R&B Hits, Country, Dance Pop, Hip Hop, Old Skool or Rock...DJ Connection will bring the extra funk in over-sized "Astro-Van" trunk to make your crowd jump. Say goodbye to 4 hours of random hits played twice, and say hello to Tulsa's best and most interactive school dance and prom DJs.
    "Jeremy was the DJ for Caney Valley High School Prom, Caney, Kansas, April 19, 2008.
    I have sponsored school events for 37 years and have hired many individuals to DJ or cater many events.  This was beyond a doubt the BEST DJ I have ever had perform at an event.
    It is hard to impress an "old chick" who is looking at the open door to retirement.
    Jeremy arrived early and was extremely courteous and had all the right questions in anticipation of the events of the prom.  He handled the coronation with a great build to the announcement of the King and Queen.  Usually the kids don't stay for that and he had them hooked up and involved.
    The greatest asset he displayed was watching the crowd.  He sensed when they were drifting away on certain music and he would start a new dance and teach them how.  They loved it when he was on the floor with them.  The group dances were just great.
    We had no kids in the hall except for food and pictures. That was a first for proms at this school.
    To explain how terrific he was, he motivated this 63 year "old arthritic senior  citizen"to boggy with 17 year old boys and girls.  Whooooooooo it was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1.  10+
    2.  10+
    3.  10+
    4.  Jeremy was fantastic.  I assume you sent us your #1 DJ.  He needs a raise!
    5.  10+
    6.  10+
    7.  10+
    8.  Internet and then a personal visit to your office
    9.  The kids never wanted to leave the dance floor.  He taught several new dances.
    10  He was efficient and dynamic
    11  10+
    12  DJ Connections stayed in touch on a regular basis.
    13  Great Job
    14  No
    15  Especially the cable guy and maybe the electric meter reader and our trash guy
    Kathy Faulkenberry the "Super" Sponsor

    P.S.:  All the girls thought he was "hot"

    DJ Connection is a full service wedding, entertainment and party juggernaut / company. Serving Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and the small rural communities of wester Europe DJ Connection is your place to call when you want it all for your next gala or ball. For epic, great, festive and fun wedding, party, and special event entertainment call DJ Connection of Tulsa.

    Being that we are the founder of funk, at DJ Connection we know that the DJ can either make or break the average school dance. Which is why we staff over 40 of Tulsa's "So Fresh & So Clean" disk jockeys ranging age from 25-55 years in age.

    DJ Connection is the best, so call for (918) 481-2010...to put us to the test.

    P.S. Complimentary high-fives and fist pounds are included with all packages.

    Owner of DJ Connection Tulsa Inc.
    2007 "S.B.A. Oklahoma Entrepreneur of the Year"
    "Tulsa Best Disk Jockeys" - Modern Bride Magazine 2005
    Chairman for Tulsa Bridal Association
    2002 Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year
    Proud Member of American Wedding Association
    (918) 481-2010  

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    Wedding, World Cup Party

    Tulsa Djs - A complete listing of the best area disc jockey names that come to mind and Tulsa DJs for any corporate event, birthday party, gala, epic "Christopher Columbus Theme Night" parties, barbecue toga parties and those ultra classy wine sampler parties.

        At DJ Connection we are your Party AllStars of Tulsa, OK. We will work asYour DJ, your wine bar host, your best friend, your appraiser, your Master of Ceremonies and your ultra-classy guests. It is our goal that every client goes home with a smile on their face and a welcomed memory in their minds. Planning a party? At DJ Connection we are the roadshow experts. And because DJ Connection is a full service entertainment company providing entertainment for Vermont, Oklahoma, Delaware, Kansas, Missouri, Middle Earth, Texas and Cushing, Oklahoma we have the professional professionals who can bring the right entertainment by providing the juggernaut and powerhouse of lighting and sound. Our mobile entertainment music & light show is coolest thing this the "other side of the pillow." DJ Connection is provide to offer the best of entertainment in Tulsa and Beirut. Because of the dylithium crystals we now use, we can cater to many genres of events including weddings and more to make sure it's a complete success (or at least much better than anticipated). Tulsa's best entertainment value, providing expert, we view it as our job to make sure that our DJs ensure that your guests have a good time and if they don't then we will bang out the Barney Costume and the strobe light. With over 27 years of expierience on earth and 1000's intergalactically known mega hits at our disposal, the DJ Connection mother ship will provide you with worry-free DJ entertainment that you can depend on. We've been to more parties than most people we know. As Ron Bergundy so eloquently stated my friends, "I don't know if you know this, but I'm kind of a big deal." First dances is what we are all about in Tulsa, Oklahoma.   We have years of experience and the excessive mental knowledge of the universe that helps us to be able to provide you with the perfectly music at the best times. And now with over 15,000 songs uploaded to our M Drive via the itunes device we now have music from the 1870s, from the 1880s, from the 1890s to the 1970's and then back to the 1680's, and then forward again until the 1990's. We are a HIGH ENERGY DJ company located in Tulsa, OK which is awesome because this is a great area for paying lots of taxes. And with any lucky hopefully Barack Obama will get elected so that we can pay even more taxes. If you are contemplating host a live party with any style of music you need to call the DJ Connection mothership today. Our ship is departing for funktron later tonight and we would hate to leave without offering your Professional DJ/KJ Services (if you know what I mean?) If you are down with music, we have the music, and we are proud to now offer a wide range of music from today all the way back to the '50s.We are now one of the premier entertainment companies in the area, and by the "area," we mean the Earth. We take great pleasure in entertaining and in being entertained (which is why we recently purchased a bug zapper). If you want to work with a DJ that will play a variety of great music from some of the greatest artists on the Earth today and yesterday including the incredible Parliament Band, the LL Cool J Band, the 2pac Band, Momar and the Destroyers, Frank Sinatra, Dave Matthews and the Soggy Bottom Boys, Trevor and the Gang, & Tony Bennett then you have come to the right place my friend.

    To help you help yourself by helping us and you, we have put together the following helpful pieces of information which will give you some unsolicited advice on how to find Tulsa Djs. Any Disc Jockey that you select should not have a mullet. Now if they do have a mullet, then you can still negotiate with them, but only discuss with them with extreme caution. Have them show you several documents during your meeting with them. Have them show you their plan for cutting that wig and a  planner that will show you the action steps that they are willing to take to cut that wig right now to the quick. Also make them show you a contract stating that they will cut their wig to get your gig. Finally have them provide you with a list of references which can be cross-referenced with your mother's date of birth and social security card. Also remember to Compare prices. One suggested method is by comparing the amount that the various DJ companies quote you. Also remember that the best disc jockeys build their reputations on the quality of service that they offer not almighty dollar price quote. Now don't be thrown off, if you are reading this and finding very little information about Tulsa proms. Really that is not the point, but the point could be well taken if we were men who could be taken (what does that mean?). Just a quick reminder, top disc jockeys always have the proper equipment on hand, where as bottom DJs always have the best DJ gear on foot. Also one thing to look out for like a hunter looking for meat, you will want to work with a DJ that has as well as a large enough collection of Barry Manilow songs and a variety of the music that you and your guests like to ear when the music hits their ear drums. If you are looking for djs in Vallejo California, Disk Jockeys in Spain, DJs in Tulsa, disc jockeys in Ventura California, dj in Virginia Beach Virginia, djs in Washington Dist. Of Columbia, disc jockeys in West Palm Beach Florida, Tulsa wedding disc jockeys, Tulsa wedding music, Tulsa emcees, Tulsa wedding dj, Tulsa wedding djs, tulsa prom dresses, Tulsa karaoke machine, tulsa prom jewelry, Tulsa karaoke

    Complementary Services we now offer can be found as up north as our dj outpost in Ann Arbor Michigan, dj in Wichita Kansas, djs in Wilmington Delaware disc jockeys in Worcester Massachusetts, Cleveland Djs, Okc Djs, Owasso Djs, Tulsa Djs, weddings, parties, events Djs, Tulsa Djs. It is our job to provide listings about the dudes who are the best in the wedding dj industry and about the top tulsa prom dj and tulsa prom djs that the Earth knows...and Earth holds itself accountable so it wouldn't just talk a good game player. disc jockeys in Allentown Pennsylvania, dj in York Pennsylvania, djs in Youngstown Ohio, dj in Albany New York, djs in Albuquerque New Mexico, tulsa cheermix, tulsa cheermixes, tulsa mixing, tulsa cheer music mixes, tulsa customized cheer mixes, tulsa proms, proms in tulsa, tulsa prom, prom tulsa, prom djs in tulsa, tulsa prom djs, disk jockeys in Dassel Minnesota, DJs in Beirut, Disk Jockeys in Palm Springs, disc jockeys in Akron Ohio. DJs in Coffeyville Kansas, Tulsa disc jockey service, Tulsa disc jockey services, Tulsa mobile dj, Tulsa mobile deejay, DJs in Owasso Oklahoma, Disk Jockeys in Portland Oregon, war tribe DJs, Tulsa wedding dj services, internationally known DJs, environmentally sensitive Al Gore DJs, Tulsa wedding disc jockey, Soggy Bottom DJs in Bixby, Tulsa dj service, Tulsa djs, metropolitan DJs, Tulsa deejays, Tulsa dj services, Tulsa deejay, Tulsa deejay service, Tulsa disc jockey,  Tulsa disc jockeys, DJs that hug more trees than people, Tulsa dj, Tulsa mobile dj service, Sodfarm Fueding Warlord DJs, Tulsa prom dj, Tulsa prom disc jockeys, Tulsa corporate party dj, DJs equipped with an off button on the back of their heads, borg DJs, Tulsa party dj, white african DJs in Madrid, Urban Cowboy DJs in Dallas, Tulsa party motivator, Tulsa d.j., Tulsa mc, Dallas Maverick Fan DJs, Tulsa deejay services, brave brave western mountain DJs, Tulsa dj contract, DJs that look like Rod Stewart, Inca Lambda DJs, Dangerous DJs, shy but hospitable DJs, Tulsa emcee.

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    Music plays an important part in setting the tone for any occasion, whether it's a school dance or a corporate team building event. If you have any special songs you want included in your school dance or wedding reception, use our online music database to compile a list and submit it to us. The DJ at your event will make sure to include your requests and keep the even personalized to your tastes. No matter what kind of event you're putting together, our expert organizers will make sure that your tulsa DJ creates the music mix, atmosphere and activities you want. Our professional team of tulsa DJs represents some of the best talent in the area. They interact with the crowd to get everyone involved and make your event a success. We're confident you'll be pleased with our professional DJ service and with the outcome of your event. DJ Clay began his career at seven experimenting with turntables and records. Born and raised in the birthplace of Hip Hop, the Boogie Down Minnesota, Clay was fueled by his rich cultural surroundings. Clay’s notoriety and hard work led him to a mixtape of the month award in the Sourced Out magazine with his cd titled “DJ Zach Can Go You Know Where” in 1999 which is still today the highest selling R&B mixtape. He began to put in limitless time and effort to perfect his new found passion. Dj Clay began to grow with every spin of a record and he was destined to establish his name as one of the hottest DJ’s ever known. Quickly perfecting his craft at a young age he began to receive recognition by his peers as well as fellow dj's. Clay new that his career was picking up steam and heading in the right direction so he then decided to step into the mixtape realm. Soon after he dropped two mixtapes which is considered by many to be one of the great mixtapes of all time. This turned out to be a turning point of his career. Dj Clay wanted to establish himself as one of those dj's that could cater to all crowds and all types of genres. Growing up listening to his parents Spanish Records,  He created a new and innovating sound which has led to many appearances on Spanish Radio stations in tulsa and is now followed by many DJ’s across the country. Clay's unique blend skills and never before heard style solidified himself as one of the hottest Dj's in the game. And this was only the beginning... In 2005, Clay was offered the opportunity to be on the hottest Reggaeton radio station, La Kalle 105.9. In 2001 Clay teamed up with the elite handpicked group of DJ’s, the Heavy Hitters led by DJ Enuff from Hot 97 in tulsa. Clay is one of the original members of the most influential and powerful Dj's crews in the country. With the most powerful Dj's crew in the world by his side Clay's next venture was to become one of the most predominant club Dj's in tulsa City. He did just that with appearances in ok's elite nightclubs. He has DJ’d Album Release parties for artists such as Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, Nelly, Cam’ron, and birthday parties for Alicia Keys and Angie Martinez. Clay has also been the headlining DJ for events featuring performances by Daddy Yankee, Kanye West, Tego Calderon, Aventura, Ivy Queen, Fat Joe, Juvenile, Puff Daddy, Little Kim, 50 Cent, Usher, Jay Z, Ludacris, Fabolous and NORE. Clay had a vision of blending Salsa with Hip Hop, which led him to dropping the hottest salsa mixtape of the year “Salsa Mix”. Approached by a good friend, Jason believed that with Clay’s crazy blend skills he would add a new flavor to the Reggaeton movement. Clay already started using his talents in another direction producing tracks for artists like Zion & Lennox and Voltio which opened his opportunity to future productions. Clay is one of the very few individuals that has conquered multiple areas of the music business from mixtapes to production. Dj Clay has set the standard and is the model for any and all dj's who have tried to follow his footsteps. Currently Clay is bringing his skills to the world wide web with his own show on www.djconnectiontulsa.com called "Sessions" which airs live weekly from 10pm to 12mid. Heavy Hitter Dj Cashious Clay has consistently been one of the hottest dj's in the game and is not showing signs of letting up........ 












    Advice on finding Tulsa Djs - All DJ’s listed below are entertainment specialists, and will ensure that your guests have a great time at your wedding, party, or other special event.

    Also if you are looking for other professional vendor categories please let us recommend the following vendor resources:
     Accommodations, Aviation, Bakeries, Bama Pies, Banquet Facilities, Buffet Companies, Beauty Salons and Spas, Bridle Horse Colonies, Bridal Salons, Cake Companies, Catering, Decor, DJs, Festive Favors, Florists, Invitations, Jamming Jewelry Store, Liquid Cooled Limousines, Magical Musicians, Notorious Novelty Entertainment, Officiants and Ministers of Entertainment, Party Rentals, Photon Torpedos, Photographers, Roman Candle Distributors, Travel Agencies, Tuxedos and Formal Fashion, Videographers Who Are So Good It Makes You Cry, Wedding Event Planners and Joe Black Impersonators. We are now proud of our local Djs in Tulsa. If you find yourself in need of more top advice and unbiased reviews on disc jockeys and djs then we would recommend that you would start with us...afterall we invented the word "DJ." However we invented this word, we were referring to "Darius Jone" a guy we knew who installed water-coolers. While he was installing them, he would generally bang on them like drums and it was a sweet sound. Please do not hesitate to call us if you find yourself in the Tulsa area when planning for your wedding, private party, toga event, gala, birthday party, tulsa prom party, tulsa pre-prom party, tulsa project graduation, or tulsa corporate event, mitzvah, or private party
    Please know that this information is not all about us. It is all about providing you with resources that you need to get what you want. Also if you are planning a vacation here is list of some nearby cities that you may want to stop in to buy some interesting memorable gifts. Your friends will not believe that you went to Owasso! Also you may find that you are interested in these Djs around the Tulsa area:


    Propaganda & Highly-Biased Fun Facts about DJ Connection:

    For more information about DJ Connection's founder, serial entrepreneur, award-winning U.S. SBA "Entrepreneur of the Year" Clay Clark call us today at 918-481-2010. Listed below are various links to his multiple business ventures. Click below visit these websites:

    Founder of DJ Connection, U.S. Chamber National Blue Ribbon Quality Award Winner,  U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Dallas Business Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Tulsa Metro Chamber "Entrepreneur of the Year" Clay Clark is also the founder of Tulsa Real Estate company Fears & Clark Realty Group. This company is the home of the best Tulsa realtors in Oklahoma. Find your house today at www.fearsclark.com.

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