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    For more information on how to schedule SBA Entrepreneur of the Year Clay Clark to speak to your organization or group call or . You can also visit us online at http://www.makeyourlifeepic.com

    "Inspiring, funny & brilliant! Clay, thank you so much for the brilliant presentations you made to our students in the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University. You motivated, entertained and educated us! We truly appreciate your time and hope to see you again in the near future."

    - Professor Jeretta Nord: Oklahoma State University: Spears Business School: 

    Clay Clark is the President of the Make Your Life Institute, an organization dedicated to EMPOWERING people to achieve profound success and life-balance. During Clay's business career he has received numerous awards for his pragmatic results driven approach to business including the: United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, the Metro Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year, the United States Chamber of Commerce National Blue Ribbon Quality Award, the 40 under 40 Award, etc...

    Clay Clark has entertained and educated for our 1,500 events during his career for such companies as QuikTrip, BamaPie, Broken Arrow High School, the United States Government Accountability Office, the National Honor Society Awards Banquet, numerous business colleges, IBM and many more. As a keynote speaker and entertainer Clay interacts with and inspires over 30,000 people per year.

    Clay is one of the few motivational speakers out there who trains in a pragmatic and practical way. His goal for each and every event for which he is hired is to motivate and inspire your crowd before leaving them with a laundry list of PRACTICAL ACTION STEPS that each and every member of your audience can begin doing immediately (if not sooner). Clay strives to improve the lives, the businesses and the communities he speaks to by delivering his passionate speeches, workshops and talks on many topics including the following:

    *website optimization
    *workflow & duplicatable system creation
    *sales training
    *employee management
    *entrepreneurship 101 (including his journey from the "Dorm Room" to the "Board Room")

    Clay has been the entertainer of choice for Bama Companies, Quik Trip, Fedex and UPS...Clay Clark. Clay Clark will bring a much-needed hopeful message that emphasizes the "epicness and profoundness" of each individual in your crowd.

    Clay brings a dynamic, humorous, motivating, entertaining and enlightening delivery to his uplifting messages. With his quick-wit, and vast knowledge from years spent "leaning how not to do it" Clark will leave your audience feeling wired and inspired. His book
    "From the Dorm Room To The Board Room: How To Build A Successful Small Business (With A Relatively Small Brain)," has been praised by college students, young entrepreneurs and business people throughout the country.

    "Clay Clark's ability to teach me (someone not computer savvy) how to optimize my website is incredible!  I own Facchianos Bridal and Formal attire and have had to pay thousands of dollars in the past to have websites that were sub par and not what I needed for my business until Clay taught me how to do it myself. Now my company website comes up on the search engines in the first three searches.
    It has changed my business overnight on how many times our phone rings. It can change the life of your business to be in control of your website."
    Jennifer Thompson
    Owner/Bridal Stylist
    Facchianos Bridal and Formal Attire
    461-(VOWS) 8697

    "Thank you so much for the outstanding workshop you did on SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO). Several of our clients said it was the beest workshop we have offered so far (we have been doing these for 5 years!). I gave the attendees surveys to fill out and all except for one said they were very satisfied. The one person who was dissatisfied said the workshop simply wasn’t long enough. Some of the remarks from the attendees were:

    - “The overall presentation was great!”
    - “The workshop was very informative and the speaker was really good.”
    - “Right to the point.”
    - “Very fast-paced and informative will good follow-up contacts.
    - “The speaker had a great sense of humor and was very easy to follow.”

    Both from an attendee and a meeting planner’s prospective it had been very enjoyable working with Clay and his staff. By the way, we are very interested in having him back soon to expand on this topic a little more for the people who attended.

    Thanks again for doing such a great job, you made me look good!"

    Lynn Wilson
    Roger State University Innovation Center Services Coordinator

    Click above to view Clay Clark in action at the State's Department of Commerce "Entrepreneur Day" Event
    (This video clip is Part 6 of 6)

    "Speaking to different age groups and interests is a challenge.
    The points you shared with the NW Tech morning students, the
    college audience, and the high school / middle school audience
    were "right on." It was interesting to watch the high school /
    middle school students come alive during your talk with them.
    I know they listened intently to you.

    One parent shared with me this morning that her child was
    shooting baskets late last night until her parents finally
    said it was time to come inside.

    The NW Tech morning students appreciated your sharing with them
    your successes and noting that there are sometimes failures."

    Patti L. Wilber, Ph.D.
    Economic Development
    Northwestern Oklahoma State University

    "I am a Vocational Business Educator at Sequoyah High School in Claremore, OK.  We have have worked with Clay Clark for several years.  He has spoken to our Business Professionals of America Organization several times.  The students are so impressed with his knowledge of business and his motivation for success!  He is inspiring to young students...When in need of a dynamic motivational speaker you should consider Clay Clark!" your choice. 

    April Blackwell: Sequoyah High School in Claremore, OK

    (SBA Entrepreneur of the Year Clay Clark is pictured above)

    Clay was recently featured on Newson6 (click above to view the exclusive extended interview)

    Propaganda & Highly-Biased Fun Facts:

    For more information about the availability and the booking of SBA Entrepreneur of the Year Clay Clark call today at:

    972-408-6580 - Dallas, Texas
    405-201-5380 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    918-481-2010 - Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Clay was recently featured on Newson6 (click above to view the exclusive extended interview)

    Propaganda & Highly-Biased Fun Facts:

      DJ Connection is the proud home of Oklahoma's 2-Time Entrepreneur of the Year "DJ" Clay Clark. Having founded what has now become the nation's premier entertainment juggernaut at the "ripe-old" age of 16 in 1996. Clay Clark has now become one of Oklahoma's most sought after entertainers and motivational speakers. If your organization needs business or motivational training, DJ Clay can and will deliver the presentation that has the power to revitalize your team.

    Today Schedule DJ Clay Today call (918) 481-2010 or visit 


    It is indeed a privilege to recommend Clay Clark to you.  Having been in the classroom for over 22 years, I have had the opportunity to observe a variety speakers and others working with my students. None have had the charisma or the ability to capture an audience and engage them as Clay has done. I never miss a chance to have him in my classroom.

    Clay has been volunteering in my classroom for approximately 7 years with Junior Achievement.  He inspires students to be entrepreneurs and challenges them in several areas and to think about their futures.  My students always look forward to Clay’s visits.  

    It is difficult to find words to properly describe Clay.  He is unique individual.  He is inspiring and entertaining.  He is a giver.  It has been my experience, once you meet him, you feel like he is your friend.  He has qualities that are rarely seen. 

    Even though Clay’s accomplishments speak for themselves, I can honestly say—he is amazing, I have watched him work with some of my most ‘challenging’ students that were otherwise non functioning in the classroom and motivate them.  He can also relate to the more intelligent as well.  Perhaps it is because he is very well read and resourceful that gives him the ability to read his audiences and relate to them.  He has experienced success but has also experienced struggles to success—which seems to aid his ability to identify with and engage any audience.

    Because of his business experience, insight and ability to work with young people, we have asked Clay to be part of our Advisory Committee for our Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America youth organization at school.  Even though he has an extremely full schedule, he has graciously served on this committee for approximately the last 4 years.

    Clay’s initiative and level of commitment sets him apart from others.  He gives more than 100% to whatever he does.  I recommend Clay to you with absolute confidence that you will not be disappointed.  Feel free to con

    www.makeyourlifeepic.com you are looking for an expert who can efficiently and affordably teach your Tulsa area staff and team practicle business skills you have come to right place.



    To all concerned, 
    tact me if I can be of assistance.


          Kathy Farquhar, Instructor
          Adult & Family Living
          FCCLA Advisor
          Broken Arrow Senior High School 

  • DJ Clay Clark is an expert and qualified trainer on the following subjects.

    • Cold Calls - Is your staff afraid of the phone? If so, you are not alone, but you are falling behind and DJ Clay has the solution. In 8 hours or less DJ Clayvis will change your sales team's approach to outbound "cold-calling."
    • Differentiation - A players, B players, C players, top-performers, bottom-feeders and carp employees. We have all witnessed these employee types, and DJ Clay has the experience to help your office effectively manage all of these personality types.
    • Entrepreneurship - If you find that your staff is less creative, innovative and entreprenual than the decorator of your local DMV, DJ Clay has the experience to change your office culture with 1 lecture.
    • Marketing - Is your current marketing strategy old, out-dated, untrackable, and unsuccessful? If so, you are no alone. Having started 4 successful Tulsa-based company companies with less than $10,000 (each time), DJ Clay has the experience to revolutionize your marketing strategy.
    • Sales Training - DJ Clay will effectively teach your staff how to establish incredible initial rapport with your clients while still focussing on efficiently closing the deal.
    • Team Motivation - If your staff is lacking motivation, focus, and excitement DJ Clay Clark can and will help your turn your ship around in 2 hours or less with one of his custom-tailored, powerful, example-rich, humorous, highly-informative and motivational lectures.
    • Time-Management - Is your office manager spending 30% of his day doing a little less than nothing (in between his coffee breaks, smoke breaks, and lunch breaks)? Call DJ Clay. He has been there and he has the solutions to maximized the efficiency of your organization.
    • Web-Site Optimization - In 3 hours or less, DJ Clay will help your staff establish an ultra-effective, pragmatic, practical, and innovative web-optimization strategy, because having a great site is alot like having an incredible billboard "strategically" hidden in the woods.

    "Knowledge without application is meaningless." - Thomas Edison (the Greatest Inventor of all-time)

    When your business, organization or school is in need of a dynamic, humorous, motivating, entertaining and enlightening speaker Clay Clark can and will deliver his uplifting message. With his quick-wit, and vast knowledge from years spent "leaning how not to do it" Clark will leave your audience feeling wired and inspired.

    As the entertainer of choice for Bama Companies, Quik Trip, Fedex and UPS...Clay Clark and his "Make Your Life Epic: Turning Your Passions Into Profits Motivational Series" will bring a much-needed hopeful message that emphasizes the "epicness and profoundness" of each individual in seminar's attendees.

    Clayton Clark (best known as "DJ Clay"), the 2006 United States Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year, founder of DJ Connection Tulsa Inc. (America's 2nd largest mobile entertainment company, founder of the Tulsa Bridal Association, founder of Cherished Traditions Videography, Owner of Party Perfect Rentals speaks throughout the continental United States on the topic of "Making Your Life Epic by Turning Your Passions Into Profits." Clark is also the author of the upcoming book "Make Your Life Epic: Turning Your Passion Into Profits."

    Not one to "reinvent the wheel" Clark fills his speaking engagements with quotes, humorous anecdotes, and passionate deliveries of stories from his own personal career and the profound writings / personal histories of Dale Carnegie, Henry Ford, John Rockefeller, Napoleon-Hill, Og Mandino, Robert Kiyosaki, Russell Simmons, Sam Walton, Thomas Edison, Through Clark's seminars your team will learn:

    • How to rediscover the "epicness" of their own existence.
    • The value of creating sweat-equity by "over-delivering."
    • The importance of only engaging in "mutually-beneficial" relationships.
    • Those who fail the most, learn the fastest and succeed the most.
    • The impossibilty move and steering a parked bus; understanding that procrastination kills movitation
    • Sales 101: How to choreograph emotional responses and the art of making a sales presentation that will inspire customers to buy as a result of making a favorable emotional connection to each customer.
    • The importance of finding a sustainable "life rhythm."
    • And many, many more topics o' importance...and then 2 more after that.


    The following are just a few of Mr. Clark's awards that he has received within the continental United States...although he has been rumored to have a large following in the small rural villages of western Europe. In fact in Latvia about 3 people know someone, who knows someone who might know the "Clayvis."


    • 2007 - Clark co-hosted Tulsas Premier Bridal Event, the "Tulsa Wedding Show"
    • 2007 - Clark was featured as a Member of the Oklahoma Magazines Top 40 Entrepreneurs Under the Age of 40
    • 2006 - Clark was named as Oklahoma's Small Business Administration Oklahoma Young Entrepreneur of the Year"  United States Small Business Administration
    • 2006 - Clark's company DJ Connection was named as the "Wedding Decisions Wedding Service of the Year"
    • 2005 - Clark's company was named as "Tulsas number one Disk Jockeys" by the nation-wide Modern Bride Magazine 2005
    • 2004 & Beyond - Every year Clark's has been on the Better Business Bureau Honor Roll for Excellence in Customer Service
    • 2003 - Clark was named as the Chairman of the Tulsa Bridal Association
    • 2002 - Clark was named as the Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year
    • 2000 - Clark was a proud member of the Target Electronics Department team where he proudly made $6.50 per hour...you have to start somewhere.
    • 1999 - Clark was recognized by Dassel-Cokato High School of Cokato, Minnesota as the winner of the "Brown Book Award" for excellence in communication.
    • 1998 - At age 17 "DJ Clay" Clark was DJ-ing Middle School Dances, and producing T-shirts out of his parent's 155 Lakeview Drive, Cokato Minnesota basement.
    • 1980 - Clark was beamed to Earth via his wonderful mother, Mary Clark with the slight assistance of her husband Thom Clark.


    You & your organization can enjoy the alacrity and vivaciousness of Clark's motivational audio propaganda in person through the following three formats:

    1) The "One-hour Keynote" Presentation - This presentation will motivate and challenge your crowd with unparalled levels of alacrity, vivaciousness, humor, and irony.


    3) The 1 Week Sales Boot Camp - If your company's sales team is struggling, "DJ Clayvis" will teach them the ways of the "Sales Jedi."

    Additional Highly-Biased Information About the Tulsa-Based Motivational Speaker:

     keynote speaker provides motivational speeches for graduates, business people, and other groups that are involved in a significant event.  A number of factors are involved in the selection of a keynote speaker, but you also need to consider yourself as a potential speaker for an event in your community.

    Articles Related To Tulsa Area Motivational Speakers and Tulsa Keynote Speaker Engagements:

    • Center for Executive and Professional Development - Brad Henry says that the key motivation for his race for governor is his family, specifically his three daughters and the difficulty they may have achieving a successful future in this state. "I fear that when they grow up, they will have to leave Oklahoma," says the Democratic senator from Shawnee. "I want to ensure that we have a bright future for my children and the children of Oklahoma." He believes he is the best person to push such an agenda.
    • Dr. Manes, Keynote Speaker, Tulsa Community College, Cyber Security Conference: Friday, March 3, 2006 12:30pm - 1:45pm, Tulsa, OK Dr. Manes is a keynote speaker at the Cyber Security Conference hosted by Tulsa Community College on March 3rd, 2006. He will give a talk entitled "Digital Forensics: Insight into the Digital Life of your Business." For more information, visit www.tulsacc.edu/page.asp?durki=62 at TCC.
    • Dynamic Life Coaching - Personal and Business Benefits - Dynamic Life Coaching" helps you see the world through different sets of eyes - different paradigms. You are thus enabled to see strengths and opportunities that would otherwise have remained hidden from you. This ever-expanding way of responding to the world is just one of the factors that makes coaching one of the most productive investments of time and money a person can make in themselves. Clients routinely report levels of sustainable change that amount to whole new lives.
    • Etulsa.org - Jeff Stava, President of Outdoor Innovations' Top 15 Tips to Properly Managing Your Company
    • Former Tulsa -based entrepreneur enters speaking circuit, promotes - After three long, troubling years of criminal and civil litigation, Bill Bartmann finally allowed himself to believe the nightmare's end was near. But that forced the bankrupt founder of CFS to face another dark dilemma: How could he dig himself out of this hole. That's when Bartmann received an invitation to address the University of Tulsa College of Business Administration Family-Owned Business Institute. He took the free gig even though he lacked all the classic attributes for public speaking.
    • Keynote Speaker Today, Nominee Tomorrow: Democrats moved one step closer to a full roster of convention speakers Wednesday, tapping former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner to deliver the keynote address at the party gathering in Denver later this month.
    • Motivational Speaker Brings Positive Message to Tulsa:  From the streets of Chicago to fraternity member to Capitol Hill intern, from poet to instructor, Stan Pearson has accomplished quite a bit in his short life. Now a motivational speaker, Pearson recently visited TPS schools, bringing his message of hope to young ears. Pearson visited Grimes Elementary School Nov. 15 speaking to third, fourth and fifth graders. The following day he headed on to McLain High School and Patrick Henry Elementary School. Pearsons talks frequently broach individual diversity, student leadership and the power of choices. On his Web site, www.breathediversity.com, Pearson thanks his parents for forming his lifes roadmap. Accomplishing goals and having ambition is within everyones reach. Those two important people have created a path and that is what I look to do as my journey as a speaker, poet and instructor continue to excel, he writes. Pearsons visit to Tulsa was being sponsored by OU-Tulsa.
    • OSU-Tulsa professor to talk about leadership, motivation -  Craig Wallace, an Oklahoma State University-Tulsa professor of management, will discuss how motivation and leadership can explain and predict employee performance at a luncheon lecture at noon Sept. 20 at the OSU-Tulsa Conference Center.
    • PHIN Conference 2008 - Keynote Speakers Bios: This year we celebrate community, so our keynote speakers will all speak to the ... Gary Cox has beenDirector of the Tulsa City-County Health Department ...
    • TU Alumnus and current Union High School Head Football Coach Bill Blankenship to be Keynote Speaker: Tulsa, Oklahoma - The 9th Annual University of Tulsa All Sports Banquet is scheduled for Tuesday, April 27, beginning at 6:30 p.m. on the main floor of the Donald W. Reynolds Center on the TU Campus.
    • Tulsa Banquet Features National Speaker: An inaugural presentation of an award honoring the man credited with the Millennium House will be among highlights of the Tulsa Partners Inc. annual meeting and awards banquet.
    • Tulsa Tech Fest 2006: Tulsa's History! Heck the Region!
    • XposureBusiness.com - Exposure magazine is dedicated to celebrating small business in Tulsa and to providing relevant information about Oklahoma, Oklahoma  motivational speakers, speakers bureau, Oklahoma  speakers bureaus, Oklahoma  speaker bureau, Oklahoma  motivational speaker, Oklahoma  keynote speakers, Oklahoma  keynote speaker.

    If you find yourself in need of the following terms (as they pertain to finding a Tulsa Area Motivational Speaker) then you have come to the right place: Motivational Speaker Tulsa, Hire Motivational Speaker Tulsa, Motivational Speakers Tulsa, Motivational Speaker Weddings Tulsa, Motivational Speakers Oklahoma, Motivational Speaker Event Tulsa, Motivational Speaker Oklahoma

    2) The 2-3 hour Executive Session - This session brings a David Letterman-esc aura to the genre of motivational speakin. Through the combination of epic music "scores," the Paul Schaefer-esc presence of a DJ Connection "DJ," and the vivaciousness of Clay Clark your crowd will be motivated, challenged and mind-changed.


    Name: Heather Brazille

    Address: 1808 W. Honolulu St. Broken Arrow, OK 74012

    Phone: (918) 232-1799


    Links Of Importance:
    Linkedin - DJ Clayvis

    If you are looking to schedule Oklahoma's premier Motivational Speakers, then you have come to right website in the State of Oklahoma. Clay Clark's passion will resonate and connect with your crowd in a humorous and entertaining way that will leave your guests wanting more. Thus, if you are looking to hire a motivational Speaker Oklahoma then you have visited the correct website. Motivational Speakers in Oklahoma is the phrase that we like to use when we are referring to the thousands of professional motivational speakers that are out there and available to book today. It is our goal to create a system that helps you hire professional motivational speakers in the Oklahoma area in fun and festive way. Although it is completely unrelated to what you were thinking, we would recommend that you would consider hiring a motivational speaker for your next wedding, corporate event, or private party, you will be able to find a super-qualified and ultra amazing speaker in that of Clay Clark the motivational speaker entertainer in Oklahoma. Although we have no statistical data to prove this, we sincerely feel as though our services are the best services on the planet. Our speakers are prepared with tremendous stories of humans who have gone from worst to first. The stories that we teach and the passion behind our teachings will help you overcome extraordinary challenges. In fact we have one speaker that we are connected with by the name of
    Nate Waters.

    If you are still reading this portion of the website we do sincerely apologize for our incredible redundancy and our remarkable tenacity. Our tales of triumph will hopefully counteract the mind-numbing hysteria that you are now experiencing if you are still reading this funk. From turning extremely lack of wealth and poverty into tremendous fortunes we have the stories and the delivery to wow you crowd. If you are looking for motivational speaking that will wow everyonen, then booking clay clark as your oklahoma motivational speaker is an excellent way to enlighten and entertain your corporate crowd in an inspiring way.  Nearly every and any relevent topic you could possibly imagine is covered by this collection of motivational speakers found on the dj connection website for booking motivational speakers. If you are contemplating not eating again this year, we would highly discourage you from doing that at this point. Because we do have the Oklahoma motivational speaking talent and bravado needed to help your people with their eight loss and their sales. Sales is all about survival of the fittest and when you see this speaker you will be fired up and excited about surviving again. This team of motivational speakers can and will inspire your crowd. Survival and success is what we do and what we teach with the people that we reach. Success and more. With humor, professionalism and sometimes a touch of magic, motivational speaking can have a profound impact on your teams and departments. This area of the DJ Connection site was recently added so that we are currently vialble in our attempt to be viable. We are currently looking into adding more and more speaking topics to better accomodate all of our Oklahoma Keynote Speaker inquiries.

    Oklahoma City motivational speakers is also a new topic that we are looking at adding to the fold of DJ Connection related topics and ideas. Although we do focus on empowering you with the most accurate information possible, sometimes we do have to be redundant as we attempt to optimize our websites to reach the masses. was recently added to our site.Want to increase your sales? A motivational speaker can help you make bridge the gap between where you sales are and where they need to be. If your organiziation is needing to improve its overall customer service skills then you have come to the right place. Our motivation is unparalled which is why we tend to always answer the phone in a fired up way. Are you in need of systems to improve your customer service? Then you have definately come to right place here at the headquarters of motivation and entertainment. Hiring a motivational speaker is a sensational tool that can be used to excite your company about new programs, new initiatives and new customer service teams. As your guests listen to great keynote speakers in oklahoma, you will find that their ideas will be to flow like rain down the side of a mountain. Oklahoma is the State in which we live and living is how we live. If you are still reading this, we do respect you, however we do want to apologize if your brain now hurts. Ideas can flow more readily when your group laughs and learns with motivational speakers leading the way. Motivational Speakers, Motivational Speaker, tulsa bridal association.org, Keynote Speaker, Hire a Motivational Speaker, Oklahoma Speakers Association Oklahoma Motivational Speakers Oklahoma Speakers Bureau, Tulsa Realtors, Tulsa real estate, Tulsa commercial real estate, Fears & Clark Realty Group, new homes Tulsa




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