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    Welcome to DJ Connection OKC., Oklahoma City's premier and most experienced mobile disk jockey service. At DJ Connection OKC it is our sincere desire to insure that your next anniversary, banquet, bar mitzvah, corporate event, outdoor rodeo, party, reunion, prom, sweet-16 party, wedding reception, or other big event is truly enjoyed by all.

    *This incredible footage is provided by Ian Howell Videography. The video and audio has been remixed by DJ Clayvis.
    *This incredible footage is provided by Ian Howell Videography. The video and audio has been remixed by DJ Clayvis.


    (Click here for more information about our "award-winning" wedding reception entertainment)

    Click above to view a sensational wedding video clip.

    Propaganda & Highly-Biased Fun Facts:

    • DJ Connection received recognition from the "American Wedding Association" as Wedding Vendor of the Year for 2006.
    • DJ Connection was named "The number-one DJs...They are great party executors" by Modern Bride Magazine in their December/January 2005 edition
    • DJ Connection is a proud member of the Bridal Association
    • DJ Connection is an ecstatic member of the American Wedding Association
    • DJ Connection received the 2002 Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
    • DJ Connection is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau "Excellence In Customer Service Honor Roll."
    • When working with DJ Connection, YOU (the client) have access to over 600,000 songs.
    • 600,000 songs will keep YOU dancing for 35,000 hours (assuming the songs are danceable & YOUR feet don't get too sore).
    • Staffing 40 + personable & energetic DJs, DJ Connection is the Mid-West America's Largest & Best Mobile Disk Jockey service.
    • Our light show can be customized for YOUR event
    • Clay Clark co-owner of DJ Connection OKC was featured in September of 2003 on "Oklahoma's News Channel 8's Good Morning Oklahoma" with Lori Montag of Montag Photography for their role as President and Vice President of the Bridal Association respectively.
    • DJ Connection OKC Rabu "Flava" Leyva was named the "Outstanding Casanova of the Year" by his beautiful wife Kyna.
    • "The average human head weighs 8.1 lbs!

    (405) 201-5380


    We at DJ Connection believe that everybody, deep down has an urge to BOOGIE...so we invite YOU to satisfy that need with a little help from DJ Connection. While providing the following services it is our sincere goal that each client goes home after each event with a smile on their face and a welcomed memory in their minds.

      1. Delightful DJ service
      2. Super CD duplication
      3. Quality chocolate fountain rental
      4. Masterful margita machine rental
      5. Profound projection system Rental
      6. Sensational slide show production

    We recognize YOU have YOUR own unique needs and it is our goal what we provide DJ services and expertise that will accommodate those needs to the fullest extent possible. Our DJs will go that extra mile to make YOUR next party (example: reception, reunion, bat-mitzvah, anniversary, competitive cheerleading competition, etc...&...) an overwhelming success.  We will cater our music selection; lighting packages, and show itineraries to fit YOUR needs. We believe that genuinely satisfied customers make great references (see below).

    Another Satisfied Client:

    "Just a real quick note of appreciation to you and your staff and our DJ, Josh. We had a wonderful time and we were put at ease all night with the way that Josh handled things. As you had promised he kept the night flowing, kept us and the whole celebrating party informed, and kept us all out dancing (His Michael Jackson dance is pretty impressive!). I had so many wonderful comments from friends and family members that it was the best wedding reception they'd ever been to. We definitely credit that to your DJ service & You were all terrific! Thank you very much!"

    -Mrs. Julie Lipe (Wedding Reception)

    Note: ***Special Thanks to Lori Montag & Napolean Hill for your inspiration, your guidance & creativity. Special thanks to our wives Vanessa & Kena for their tremendous support, and for being wonderful supporters of the DJ Connection empire.

    Hello and welcome to bottom of the wedding djs in okc web-page. And to thank you journeying all the way to the bottom of this epic page about Jockeys Oklahoma City we have put together the following parable / "whale of tale" / haiku to reward your tenacity. Just like in college where the professors demand that your page "must be a least" 20 pages long, we are under strict self-imposed guide lines to pontificate about Mc Oklahoma City, and things relating to Wedding DJ Oklahoma City. Oh sure writing this much filibuster is tough (as we are not members of the United States Congress). However we are confident that at some point, one of the DJ Connection former employees will rise up to take control of some sort of public office. And when one our weddding DJs Oklahoma City does actually make it to a position that far transcends that of a Wedding D.J. in Oklahoma City then we will let you know. Thus far that only real connect that we have to greatness or fame is our small connection One Republic's Ryan Tedder. He was a friend of our owner (Clay Clark) during his time spent attending college at Oral Roberts University. It was during this time that Clay drempt of someday becoming Wedding Oklahoma City guru. Each night he would lay in bed listening to Music for Weddings Oklahoma City. As is roommates pounded on his door yelling for him to go sleep, young Clark the DJ Jedi apprentice would refuse their requests. Oh no, this Disc Jockey for Anniversary in Altus, OK would simply not be denied. He was fueled by a passion, and that same type of shameless-name-dropping-passion-that got Ryan Tedder his start. Ryan would be up everynight pacing up and down the halls playing out various jams that he had taught himself to play on the guitar. Oh yes, Ryan was the dude. In fact it was Ryan who actually gave DJ Clayvis his first condenser mic. Oh it was sweet, and it was an audio technic mic. And on one occasion Ryan even filled in for a Karaoke party. And that was that, and yet we must still keep writing, but not for us, we must keep writing for anyone out there who lives within Altus Oklahoma who might be needing an Altus Oklahoma DJ. And for those people who live in Altus who might be looking for an Anniversary DJ in Altus, OK or a Photography for Anniversary in Altus, OK. Hey I know, it appears as though we are just mindlessly wrting and rambling without cause, but their is a cause. Remember we aspire to become more than just a Disc Jockey for Bridal Shower in Altus, OK, or a Karaoke for Bridal Shower in Altus, OK we want to become members of Congress. And to be quite frank with you, we do not have the money that they have at this point to just go out there and start writing a bunch of funk about nothing for days and days, but we have to start somewhere, and thus we press on writing about nothing for prolonged periods of time. How do think we feel? I am the guy writing this. Oh yes and back to the story about nothing, but Photography for Bridal Shower in Altus, OK, and Karaoke for Anniversary in Ardmore, OK. Back in day, and long, long ago in a galaxy very far, far away in a town called Broken Arrow Entertainment / DJs there lived a DJ by the name of B. Morris. And this dude was not a solid dude. Sure his father was a solid dude, but this dude was not a solid dude. Oh sure, it could be said that he was a good Disc Jockey for Bridal Shower in Ardmore, OK, but he was not a good human. And thus, he could not be considered in the future to become an extensive source of disc jockeys (DJs). Oh he said that he wanted to be, but his behavior would not warrant this king of thing, and thus here I sit writing this epic non-sensical manuscript that will soon be sent Across The Nation For Any Occasion via the internet, via the faxed mp3 and those old record and tapes that my mom converted back into 45s. Where was I? Oh yah, I was pontificating about things that relate to Event in Oklahoma City and to the phrase, Find Wedding DJs and Mobile Disc Jockeys for Parties, Local Oklahoma City djs, which has become so popular with the young bucks today. And who are these young wipper-snaps, being all fancy like, running around town typing and talking tough on their Iphones. Where were these dudes back when Oklahoma City DJs, OK, Oklahoma was first being developed. Oh they were not out typing all fancy back in the day. Nope they were just pre-disc jockeys, Ok Metropolitan area for weddings. They had not even been conceived yet and the thought out them djing oklahoma corporate parties, and oklahoma city bar/bat Mitzvahs was not event a potential yet. Oh and life is fair, and life is trust, but when you are looking for a brand that you can trust, you might might want to call DJ Connection OKC as we srevice Edmond Wedding DJ with such fresh and cleanliness that it will never rust. And what is it, and who am I, I am the guy who gets to type all the original content that will later be soaked up by spies. Spies, and other DJs who want to learn our graft, as they attempt to steal some of our skin just like a skin graft. Oklahomas City DJs, Stillwater Wedding DJs too, they all want to steal from the text of the original black ghost writer the king of the DJ fondue. Sorry to rhyme, but that is just the way I think, as I write about Edmond Wedding DJ it makes me blink. I blink, then I pause, and when I pause I stop for a moment before I consider what I need to type next, this thing about Oklahoma City Wedding DJ and what verbage will be next. Oklahoma Wedding DJ and Chelsea Entertainment / DJs too, both are super incredible phrases that I intend to type about dude. Yes, and I realize that rhyming with the word dude is whack, but Disc Jockey for Anniversary in Ardmore, OK is my knack. My knack is for Oklahoma City prom dj, and Wedding Music Oklahoma City as well, thus if you are not down with my typing then oh well. Oklahoma City djs is all I ever talk about, which is good times because I over-typing when I am not inspired makes me want to shout. To shout like Otis Day and his fabulous knights, Oklahoma City deejay will make it alright. Oklahoma City deejay services is the best thing that I ever written about, which is pretty sad being that I graduated from Oklahoma City with alot of clout. I love Oklahoma City wedding dj contracts, because typing about them is the best thing that has happened to me since Shaq. Yes that is correct, I am talk about Shaq O'neil the original man of steel, who was down with DJ Clayvis like an Australian on the floor reaching down for real. What I am talkking about that is no important, what is important is that I type about Oklahoma City dj service with a real since of urgence...eee. I had to make the rhyme work, like Dance Music in Oklahoma City will make the record work. You got it DJ Clayvis. Up jumps the boogie, and the I the Master of Ceremonies, in the Tulsa's step-child that we know as Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City is the land of the brave, now that they have a basketball team I sure that all the Wedding Disc Jockey Oklahoma City will have to behave. As they are now forced to compete for their attention like those Djs in Oklahoma City who as children were sent home for suspension. Oklahoma City Wedding DJ is my favorite phrase, and that is why I am always quick to praise. We like to praise our competition because the are such good dudes, and they never hesitate to allow us into their Oklahoma City wedding show booths. Oklahoma City deejays is what I am talking about, and every time I write about them I start to feel like what I think about, I bring about. Entertainment Oklahoma City is a phrase that pays, one that entertains me and my team for days. Party Music Oklahoma City is something that people searching for Oklahoma City DJs often type, which is why I shameless repeat whenever I step to the virtual mic. As for now it will have to be virtual, so that we can reach all of those the search for the Disc Jockey for Anniversary in Elk City which is why I work. Clinton - Weatherford, OK I do not like this name, because Bill Clinton brought the White House to shame. But I don't mean to get political, Wedding Music in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was meant to be lyrical. The City mobile deejay is what some couples search for, and thus I time onward like sled-dogs chaising steak and more. Any meat will feed them, as long we deceive them into thinking that they will find this meet, I would never hesitate to pull up Oklahoma City mobile dj service seat. Well it has often been written, and it has often been said, that DJ Connection does more Oklahoma City prom disc jockey related shows than our competition each weekend before we go to bed. And that is correct like your principal back in 4th grade who never hesitated to call you in his office to remind you in the worst way. The he was the Lord of Oklahoma City corporate party djs and the king of your school. But in the back of your mind you always knew that Oklahoma City party djs, would soon be your quest. Oklahoma City party motivator, is why I type this thesis, as I break it down like glass goes into a million pieces. Oklahoma City d.j. is an odd phrase to type, but according to my analytics, it seems to be worth the hype. I mean you have got to factor in some of the words that they are writing, just like to have to analyze where the fish are biting. Man we love the other OKC DJs especailly the ones that put on the shows, and someday when we get elected to office we hope to invite them into the front rows. So that they can see us and we can kiss their faces, while they attempt to DJ other special events in far out remote places. Finding employees seems to be our only problem, and once we step up our recruitment, I have a feeling that we are going to solve them. After all we are Disc Jockey Oklahoma City we are not people of small minds. If were were we would be working for CNN and feeding the sheeple who run around blind. Sorry for that rabit trail, but I am back and mentally focussed about talking about DJ Oklahoma City so our DJs can swarm upon the city like a team of benevolent locusts. I realize that locusts are not exactly pleasant, but either is typing about Corporate Events and Special Events featuring Music until the sun goes down and up again. From the Big Band msuic through today in the The 21st Century hip has been working its way into the place where it was meant to be. Everything in Between Oklahoma City Djs and Tulsa Oklahoma DJs for us is all doable, and easy like your 3 years views on digesting friend flinstone viatamin lunchables. Oh and this rap is getting ricidiculous, but so is this whole concept. That if content is king, thing I am the king of bling, writing and writing about nothing, but the little nuances employed by our disc jockeys that stir up loyality like Sarah Palin has done for Hockey. Hockey moms are nice unless their kids grow up to be djs. And if they do we will correct them, because at DJ Connection it is our goal to positively infect them. We want to positively motivate them and to show them how it is done, like Napoleon Hill would if his life has just begun. And man we miss Napoleon just like we miss the old Zig, but that is ok, because Zig has had a great life to live. In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK) he has lived not. But if he did, I think that he would have become an Oklahoma City dj services provider and we could all look up to the life that he lived. Oklahoma City deejay service is the thing that we like to talk about, and I apologize if you feel as though I have overused this word more the CNN likes to talk about economic droughts. Man we love those dudes of the CNN, those fear mongering sellers of funk, in fact I am pretty sure that they could be Oklahoma City karaoke machine providers if they just knew where to begin.

    Oklahoma City karaoke is a new concept to many who might be reading this, but for what it is worth please understand why we would plead against. It's use at a formal wedding where Photography for Anniversaries in Elk City would be present, to me makes about as much sense as George Bush does a president. Now from Clinton to Weatherford, OK we have been known to be the best, which is why that we are willing to type up this original funk to get our name out to the masses who may otherwise might object. Without knowing what we really do. You see it is easy to overlook those that you never knew. I mean if you never knew of DJ Connection Djs in Oklahoma City, then it would be easy to consider using other Oklahoma Djs who aren't quite as a pretty. And I ramble on talking about Wedding DJs , mics and amps because other DJs do while they write about Lexington Entertainment / DJs before putting on their own stamp. Their own stamp and original twists and turns about nothing, yet something written in a prophetic way, what I am talking about I will tell you without delay....but then I pause, and stop myself just short of explaining why I am writing about Disc Jockey for Bridal Shower in Muskogee which happens to be a good place. Just like the majority of the sprawling Oklahoma City has been observed to be a the good in a good way. Good in good way, like hood in a hood way, no. And I will attempt to stop myself right there before I go off on a rap tagent talking and writing about Oklahoma City emcees with enough force like a slap would definately leave a hand print. And to anyone still reading, and I apologize for your internal bleeding, there is just some things that we have to do, and some things that only some will see, which is why we do things. Our Oklahoma City emcees are hot like 106 degrees, like the majority Oklahoma.Oklahoma City disc jockeys' homes that are surrounded by trees. In the summer time the weather gets very very hot, which is why our Oklahoma City dj, Photography for Bridal Shower in Elk City - Clinton DJs are always equipped with the gear to make it so not. We have liquid cooled amps to coll hot heads, just like the other side of your pillow is cool when you lay in your Weatherford, OK, bed. Oklahoma City Wedding is something that many brides to be have seemed to utter, which gives me reason to right about it, at the risk of appearing to be cluttered. Oklahoma City Wedding DJ is a phrase that DJ Clay likes to write about, God bless him, but I think that I am about to shout. Oklahoma City Wedding DJ is an important thought that is worth repeating as much as we need to, to get our reading, and our spot where we deserve to be, like a spot in jail is where a criminal deserves to be. But I am not judging, I am just writing this endless excercise about Oklahoma DJ, Stillwater Wedding DJ's and I do think that it might be wise, if I stopped wriring for a minute because my hands are sore, but non-sense I will keep typing about weddings like Bob Villa will keep endorsing bella wood floors. Bella wood floors and lumber liquidators, sounds kinf of intimidating to me, like when the party gets quiet and you are already signed up to be next for Karaoke for Anniversary in Muskogee, OK.

    All these phrases and so little time OKC D.J. Oklahoma City time, I think I have almost typed my second to last line. But that would be wishful thinking like after you have been up all night driving back from Oklahoma City as a disc jockey and your eyes begin to blink. As you are swirving home after being up all night working as a Oklahoma City disc jockey service sometimes it makes our wives nervous. Which is understandable when the thoughts become real that working all night as an Oklahoma City disc jockey services might someday end up putting you on the mantle in box of ashes, man my subconscious just got negative within just a few flashe. Since 5:00 am I have been up writing this funk, I wonder if this is how all Oklahoma City mobile djs have fun. From Cheney Entertainment / DJs, Denton Entertainment / DJs back to our home city of Tulsa Entertainment / DJs in Tulsa Oklahoma, we will help you find DJs in Oklahoma City area including including remote parts of Oklahoma City. You know what I am talking about the remote parts from where everyone is from, those small communities that do not have slums. From those parts where everyone sings Karaoke for Bridal Shower in Ardmore, OK at the top of their lungs, while other Photography for Bridal Shower in Ardmore, OK type people are sitting in the backrow. It's interesting when you pause to look at back at what I have written about Karaoke for Anniversary in McAlester, OK...I have probably spent more time working on this, than the people running the jail have spent on their prison. And so now I will begin to shamelessly name drop about DJ Josh to make it rhyme with Photography for Anniversary in McAlester, OK photography shops. DJ Jason DJ Connection is a name of one Disc Jockey for Anniversary in Muskogee, OK that we now employ. But Roy, no we do not know him anymore than dudes in Wichita Falls Entertainment know about how to buy sweet rims. DJ Marquess DJ Connection is one of our DJs, and he is super like Super Man, which might explain his super Disc Jockey services near Oklahoma City tan. DJ Dusty Bailey DJ Connection is a well dude, and the king of Oklahoma City, DJs Oklahoma City, who will always receive a swell review. And then their is DJ Bucky Brown DJ Connection a former magician, he is one great Deejays Oklahoma City who will always make your crowd listen, and to pause and to be captivated by the moment as he speaks on the mic, he suits always look good and his hair cuts are tight. Sometimes very tight as he shaves his head bald, but we appreciate DJ Bucky DJ Connection for working with Photography for Anniversary in Muskogee, OK and for answering the call. And then their is DJ Eric Oklahoma City and DJ Eric Tulsa Oklahoma, who has risen in the ranks like the need for stoma of cancer stick smoker, which is no reason for jokes and I apologize to any huge smokers that I have offended, but it would be wise for you to stop smoking after the upcoming Karaoke for Anniversary if you intend of living very long.

    On the home stretch so we talk about DJ Elliott DJ Connection Oklahoma City a good dude, with some good kids, which is why he never hesitates to attend Disc Jockey for Bridal Shower in Elk City - Clinton - Weatherford, OK with attentiveness rarely displayed by those ther than kids. At some point of this document I will attempt to make sense, but right now I am under the gun trying to right this stuff before the next morning so that I can pay my rent. I have written with great tenacity about Oklahoma Wedding DJs, and I will write some more i if I have to, but I do not want to and like Milli Vanilli, girl you know that it is true. At DJ Connection with the help of DJ Josh Oklahoma City we have been Providing Professional Wedding DJs and amps to the communities since the government started providing stamps. We believe that Karaoke for Bridal Shower in Elk City is an overused phrase but if everyone writes it maybe there is room for praise. Man it would be tought competing with people like us, who don't mind pulling all nighters to get it done. To get it done, and to make things great, is why I type these things, and why I write these phrases. And I do it for the DJ Connection team, like Disc Jockey for Anniversary in McAlester, OK DJ for jail birds who were just released from their team. We have many professional listings for DJ Services in Oklahoma City and Tulsa DJs and for all the towns that lie in the gap, because we never stop typing, we take ships while the others nap. And napping is ok, if you do not mind sleeping on the job. Like ethanol is cool, if do not like corn on the cob. If we burn our food and subsidize its value, we are going to end of making rich men out of Chavez, and Iranian fools who should locked up with the coo koos. Bridal Shower in Muskogee, OK are a big deal I guess, so I will write about them. I like to say For your wedding. I like to say the right Oklahoma City DJ can have a huge impact on the atmosphere that gets created for you and your guests. Photography for Bridal Shower in Muskogee is also big so I will write about them, and not just pout about them, Edmond Entertainment Photography for Anniversary in Ardmore, OK, DJs,

     I think that this has been the longest that I have ever typed at one sitting, since that one time I was forced to type for teacher back in the 3rd grade. And her name was Ms. Hodges, and yes I had it coming, because even at young age I was tried to be the source for McKinney Entertainment / DJs, DJs, Mustang Entertainment / DJs, Norman Entertainment / DJs, Wedding, Party, Meeting ,Corporate, OK, Find local Oklahoma City bands, Wedding music for Parties or Live Bands for all your wedding music. My class mates thought it was fun, my OKC Dj homies did too, but my teacher did not like it, so I spent the day in the timeout booth. Writing about why I was sorry as I typed about loive bands serving all of Oklahoma like cigarettes serves people with stomas. Stomas, are the sickest thing that I ever think that I have written about. Where is Al Gore when I need him right now in Oklahoma City to work as a dj in OKC. He could carry his gear all over OK so that he could cut down on our carbon emmissions. Roosevelt Entertainment / DJs, Shawnee Entertainment / DJsI like to say Party Oklahoma City. I like to say Parties Oklahoma City. I have been known to look at my friends and to say Make sure to get their playlist in advance. I have been heard saying make sure they only play the music you want.DJs, Owasso Entertainment / DJs, Sherman Entertainment / DJs, Al, you could be one of our djs in Oklahoma City. Al, you could be a Live Bands in Oklahoma connection. Al, you could get your friend Billy Clinton together and we could hug trees while we listen to wedding music together in a wonderful organic kind of way. Al, I love your ceremony music. wedding disc jockey, Speakers, Event, Al, I love your choice of reception music. Al come back to us. We love your scare tactics about global warming and we know that you could be a great disc jockeys in Oklahoma. And you are such a big deal, that we will glady give you a plural description. Al, we would love for you to be one of our disk jockeys. Pratt Entertainment / DJs, Purcell Entertainment / DJs,
    Looking for a professional Oklahoma DJ for your event, call DJ Connection or Al Gore, because soon he will work for us (allegedly). It appears as though this barrage of typing has started to come to an end. We have almost written about every Djs,Emcee services to Oklahoma City Oklahoma combination that is possible. Oklahoma City wedding dj is popular thing to type, so much so that it keeps us up all night typing like a sweat shop. Typing and typing as we listen to our watch. Oklahoma City wedding djs is a phrase that has been almost used to the point of nausia, DJ Services in Oklahoma CityI want to get off, but I can't because Oklahoma City wedding dj services is yet another phrase that I have to talk about. My list of things to write about is truly overwhelming for most wedding DJ's.

    Now I was once asked why do we typicall write so much funk, and the answer is truly unknown to me, all I know is that I work for the DJC, the best emcee for wedding and DJ company in the whole country. And if they give me a list of things to talk about I will do it, and that is what I do, so Bands, Entertainment, Music, Live, EL Reno Entertainment / DJs, Goddard Entertainment / DJs, The best place to find a Oklahoma City band, Disc Jockey for Bridal Shower in McAlester, OK, Karaoke for Bridal Shower in McAlester, Oklahoma City wedding disc jockey I will type about until my face turns blue. I love to type or at least I once did, Oklahoma City wedding disc jockeys is my gig. I can write for days if I have to, which is better than working in the field of professional ditch digging near Oklahoma City like I used to. Wedding music and Oklahoma Wedding DJ is what I am going to write about until my time on earth has been spent. Look to find a Oklahoma City DJ that has experience with your type of event is that I like to always say. Emcees Oklahoma City is something I also like to say alot. In fact I just like to say. party or special event in our extensive event vendor directory, Oklahoma City Wedding DJ, Norman DJI like to say Music Oklahoma City, Event Music Oklahoma City. And I like to say DJ Cody DJ Connection OKC, and I like to say wedding Disc Jockeys Oklahoma City. I like to say Weddings in Oklahoma City. I like to say Event Oklahoma City, I like to say Events Oklahoma City.

    The other night at the coffee bar I got up on a huge bar stool and started saying, "Wedding DJs will have music for dancing." Yep, I did say that. And then I said "the reception, eating, entrance and exit, and can modify their show to be unique to your special day" I am a talker and a writer and a shameless beat-biter. For parties or professional/corporate events, make sure that you always inform your guests that they must wear clothing to your event. Make sure their services match with what you are looking for your guests because if you do not, then nucleur fall out could insue. Tulsa Entertainment / DJs, In fact I read that this is what caused Chernobyl in the most recent issue of newsweek. Make sure their equipment can fit in your venue, because one time at band camp....And make sure that your DJ can personalyy can fit into your venue. Mulvane Entertainment / DJs, Muskogee Entertainment If your DJ is a huge dude, he might not fit into the venue if your event is being held in a small car, you know...he might be in the way. Make sure you interview the DJ as know you have nothing else do with your life. Spend weeks interviewing his friends. And then interview his friends. And then interview his friends and their friends. And then interview their bosses and called their boss' references.And do not take no for an answer. Be a champ and get those references. Whether you are looking for rock music or a kid rock impersonator, elegant entertainment, wedding entertainmentI am sure that you can find one. Karaoke, pop, or easy listening, just do not listen to Michael Bolton. Michael Bolton has been blacklisted by the Oklahoma City DJ Conenction branch for your safety. One thing lots of people forget when selecting a disc jockey is whether they can bring their own lighting or whether that needs to be provided by you and this could be a huge issue, if you ever find yourself having a party in the middle of an empty field at mid-night. I mean think about how odd that would be. There you are, in a suit, your are rocking a tuxedo and a bridal gown, and you don't have any lights in the middle of the field. Tulsa DJs can definately have the right people to take care of you in a DJ Connection sort of way. A super DJ can have people talking about your event for weeks to djs in oklahoma in a wierd huge elongated game of telephone. I mean this could go on for months, and then weeks after that. It could be aweseome. If you are wanting to perform a colonoscopy on your DJ we would highly discourage that. DJ Connection has the right Oklahoma City DJ for your event. We have DJs, Wagoner Entertainment / DJs, and we are even friends with this really cool and attractive Wichita Entertainment / DJs named Jeff. He loves us. I am being real when I say this, emcee for Oklahoma City wedding, Deejay, Deejays, Disc Jockey, Djs, Norman Wedding. You know that I mean.

    Please do not take my word for it OK, Photography for Bridal Shower in McAlester. Please call the world and email a friend that I am almost done typing this funk about nothing from beginning to end. OK,Moore Entertainment / DJs is my favorite thing to type about. Oklahoma City Entertainment / emcee for OKC wedding receptions is my next favorite thing to right about in all of Oklahoma. After all  Wedding Djs in Oklahoma are the best Wedding Djs in Tulsa and the world (excluding Pakistan, man they have good djs there). Our dj's are the best DJ's in OKC. And to anyone who actually read this whole thing, may the lord have mercy on your soul. We love Deejay, Deejays and the word Disc Jockey, but no one should have to write about it this much. We also love Dallas Wedding DJ Entertainment too. May the this never be written about again. I am going to write about speakers in Tulsa never again, unless I have to. We are entertainers for a wedding and a party, or corporate event. We are Marshall. We are Oklahoma City Bands and we are DJs. We are One Republic fans and we are not communists. To the victor goes the spoils and to 14th place goes the other team. Oklahoma City, DJs, entertainment is what we do. Call today if you are still breathing after reading this long document about speakers for your wedding.

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    Over the years, we have had the pleasure of hosting a variety of events throughout Oklahoma and Texas.
    Our commitment to our clients is the foundation on which we have built our reputation in OKC. From our top of the line Equipment to our smiling faces, you can depend on us to ensure your event goes smoothly.
    We are a full service OKC DJ company. Whether you are planning a Wedding Reception, Party or any other type of event, we will customize your event to your own tastes and preferences assuring you the best in OKC DJ Entertainment! Our strict attention to detail and personalized service is what differentiates DJ Connection from the rest of OKC DJ's.
    For over 15 years, DJ Connection has had a combined experience in DJing, Event Coordination, and Entertainment for Weddings in OKC.

    If you are needing Tulsa DJs, Oklahoma DJs for Tulsa Weddings, Oklahoma Weddings, Oklahoma Parties, or  Tulsa Parties, then this Oklahoma Disk Jockey, and local Tulsa Disc Jockey would LOVE TO WOW YOU. Whether or not you have an event coming up for an Oklahoma Dance and a Tulsa Dance at the same time, we as the BEST Oklahoma Entertainment around, would be delighted to be one of your Wedding DJs, or run Tulsa Sound, Oklahoma Sound, or have a Tulsa Karaoke, Oklahoma Karaoke. We've done more Tulsa Prom, Oklahoma Prom, Tulsa Formal, Oklahoma Formal, Tulsa Reunions, Oklahoma Reunions, than snuffaluffagus has hair. You can put a perm on a Frog, but it's still a frog. 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OKC, Jodi Farmer's market, skirvin hilton, the montgomery, hall of mirrors, chrarity okc civic center.

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    For more information about DJ Connection's founder, serial entrepreneur, award-winning U.S. SBA "Entrepreneur of the Year" Clay Clark call us today at 918-481-2010. Listed below are various links to his multiple business ventures. Click below visit these websites:

    Founder of DJ Connection, U.S. Chamber National Blue Ribbon Quality Award Winner,  U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Dallas Business Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Tulsa Metro Chamber "Entrepreneur of the Year" Clay Clark is also the founder of Tulsa Real Estate company Fears & Clark Realty Group. This company is the home of the best Tulsa realtors in Oklahoma. Find your house today at www.fearsclark.com.

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