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    For more information on how to schedule SBA Entrepreneur of the Year Clay Clark to speak to your organization or group call or . You can also visit us online at http://www.makeyourlifeepic.com

    "Inspiring, funny & brilliant! Clay, thank you so much for the brilliant presentations you made to our students in the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University. You motivated, entertained and educated us! We truly appreciate your time and hope to see you again in the near future."

    - Professor Jeretta Nord: Oklahoma State University: Spears Business School: 

    Clay Clark is the President of the Make Your Life Institute, an organization dedicated to EMPOWERING people to achieve profound success and life-balance. During Clay's business career he has received numerous awards for his pragmatic results driven approach to business including the: United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, the Metro Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year, the United States Chamber of Commerce National Blue Ribbon Quality Award, the 40 under 40 Award, etc...

    Clay Clark has entertained and educated for our 1,500 events during his career for such companies as QuikTrip, BamaPie, Broken Arrow High School, the United States Government Accountability Office, the National Honor Society Awards Banquet, numerous business colleges, IBM and many more. As a keynote speaker and entertainer Clay interacts with and inspires over 30,000 people per year.

    Clay is one of the few motivational speakers out there who trains in a pragmatic and practical way. His goal for each and every event for which he is hired is to motivate and inspire your crowd before leaving them with a laundry list of PRACTICAL ACTION STEPS that each and every member of your audience can begin doing immediately (if not sooner). Clay strives to improve the lives, the businesses and the communities he speaks to by delivering his passionate speeches, workshops and talks on many topics including the following:

    *website optimization
    *workflow & duplicatable system creation
    *sales training
    *employee management
    *entrepreneurship 101 (including his journey from the "Dorm Room" to the "Board Room")

    Clay has been the entertainer of choice for Bama Companies, Quik Trip, Fedex and UPS...Clay Clark. Clay Clark will bring a much-needed hopeful message that emphasizes the "epicness and profoundness" of each individual in your crowd.

    Clay brings a dynamic, humorous, motivating, entertaining and enlightening delivery to his uplifting messages. With his quick-wit, and vast knowledge from years spent "leaning how not to do it" Clark will leave your audience feeling wired and inspired. His book "From the Dorm Room To The Board Room: How To Build A Successful Small Business (With A Relatively Small Brain)," has been praised by college students, young entrepreneurs and business people throughout the country.

  • One parent shared with me this morning that her child was
    shooting baskets late last night until her parents finally
    said it was time to come inside.

    The NW Tech morning students appreciated your sharing with them
    your successes and noting that there are sometimes failures."

    Patti L. Wilber, Ph.D.
    Economic Development
    Northwestern Oklahoma State University

    "Great flexibility substituting for another speaker.
    Good job. The "winning @ work" got highest marks from
    44 of 56 survey respondents."

    John E. Trubey
    Senior Analyst
    U.S. Government Accountability Office
    1999 Bryan Street
    Suite 2200
    Dallas, Texas 75201
    (214) 777-5733
    (214) 777-5758 fax

    "Clay Clark's ability to teach me (someone not computer savvy) how to optimize my website is incredible! I own Facchianos Bridal and Formal attire and have had to pay thousands of dollars in the past to have websites that were sub par and not what I needed for my business until Clay taught me how to do it myself. Now my company website comes up on the search engines in the first three searches.
    It has changed my business overnight on how many times our phone rings. It can change the life of your business to be in control of your website."
    Jennifer Thompson
    Owner/Bridal Stylist
    Facchianos Bridal and Formal Attire
    461-(VOWS) 8697

    Click above to view Clay Clark in action at the State's Department of Commerce "Entrepreneur Day" Event
    (This video clip is Part 6 of 6)

  • "Thank you so much for the outstanding workshop you did on SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO). Several of our clients said it was the beest workshop we have offered so far (we have been doing these for 5 years!). I gave the attendees surveys to fill out and all except for one said they were very satisfied. The one person who was dissatisfied said the workshop simply wasn’t long enough. Some of the remarks from the attendees were:

    - “The overall presentation was great!”
    - “The workshop was very informative and the speaker was really good.”
    - “Right to the point.”
    - “Very fast-paced and informative will good follow-up contacts.
    - “The speaker had a great sense of humor and was very easy to follow.”

    Both from an attendee and a meeting planner’s prospective it had been very enjoyable working with Clay and his staff. By the way, we are very interested in having him back soon to expand on this topic a little more for the people who attended.

    Thanks again for doing such a great job, you made me look good!"

    Lynn Wilson
    Roger State University Innovation Center Services Coordinator

    "To all concerned,

    It is indeed a privilege to recommend Clay Clark to you.  Having been in the classroom for over 22 years, I have had the opportunity to observe a variety speakers and others working with my students. None have had the charisma or the ability to capture an audience and engage them as Clay has done. I never miss a chance to have him in my classroom.

    Clay has been volunteering in my classroom for approximately 7 years with Junior Achievement.  He inspires students to be entrepreneurs and challenges them in several areas and to think about their futures.  My students always look forward to Clay’s visits. 

    It is difficult to find words to properly describe Clay.  He is unique individual.  He is inspiring and entertaining.  He is a giver.  It has been my experience, once you meet him, you feel like he is your friend.  He has qualities that are rarely seen. 

    Even though Clay’s accomplishments speak for themselves, I can honestly say—he is amazing, I have watched him work with some of my most ‘challenging’ students that were otherwise non functioning in the classroom and motivate them.  He can also relate to the more intelligent as well.  Perhaps it is because he is very well read and resourceful that gives him the ability to read his audiences and relate to them.  He has experienced success but has also experienced struggles to success—which seems to aid his ability to identify with and engage any audience.

    Because of his business experience, insight and ability to work with young people, we have asked Clay to be part of our Advisory Committee for our Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America youth organization at school.  Even though he has an extremely full schedule, he has graciously served on this committee for approximately the last 4 years.

    Clay’s initiative and level of commitment sets him apart from others.  He gives more than 100% to whatever he does.  I recommend Clay to you with absolute confidence that you will not be disappointed.  Feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance."


          Kathy Farquhar, Instructor
          Adult & Family Living
          FCCLA Advisor
          Broken Arrow Senior High School

    "Clay, I love the excitement you generate.  You are able to appeal to a broad audience - whether they are age 50 or age 20.  I think it is ashame that we had such a small crowd for such a powerful message. 
    I am petitioning to get you as a speaker at our Oklahoma Career and Technology Education Summer Conference in August 2009.  I also would love to have you here for a future workshop. 
    I am sure our paths will cross again...until then, keep creating a great future - for yourself, your family, and Oklahoma! Charlotte - www.netechonline.com"


    Thank you so much for speaking at the recent ORPS State Conference.  Your sessions were very well received.  I heard several positive comments about both your keynote and break out session. I enjoyed the keynote very much. Thank you so much for providing such inspiration to our membership."

    Have a great Holiday season
    Claudia Dyer (2009 ORPS President)
    Recreation Manager
    City of Broken Arrow
    918.259.7000 x7441
    918.259.7008- fax

    "I just wanted to thank you for everything.  I can't tell you how many wonderful compliments I have received about you!  It was a very fresh approach to what we have had in the past, and our members loved it!"
    Angie Boswell

    (Clay was the host of the 9th Annual Tulsa Apartment Association “Zenith Awards.”)


    "Clay, Thanks so much for serving as our keynote speaker on our campus for Entrepreneurship Day. You are inspiring and informative—both at the same time! We have heard many great comments from students who heard you speak. We had a great day! Thanks again, Patti L. Wilber, Ph.D."

    (SBA Entrepreneur of the Year Clay Clark is pictured above)

    Call for more information availability and booking.

    Clay was recently featured on Newson6 (click above to view the exclusive extended interview)

    Propaganda & Highly-Biased Fun Facts:

    Clay Clark Motivational Speaking Testimonials:


    "Thank you for being such an informational and motivational guest speaker in my Business Mangement & Entrepreneurship class. The students enjoyed hearing...You gave them great insight as to what it takes to become a successful business owner and what steps it takes to get there. We used a quote from Napolean Hill in class the other day and they all remembered your comments on him and his book. You are a great inspiration and we look forward to seeing you again next year."


    Susan Krebsbach
    Business Management & Entrepreneurship Teacher
    Broken Arrow High School



    I don't know if you'll remember me, but I wanted to write to you in thanks. You spoke to my Adult and Family Living class (Mrs. Farquhar- Broken Arrow High School) about success and living your dreams. I came up afterwards and talked to you because I want to become a filmmaker, but am not really sure how to achieve such a goal. You suggested that I read "Think and Grow Rich." Well, I just wanted to let you know that I did read the book and I was touched by the inspiration it presented me. I would go by your office in hopes to find you there and thank you in person, but senior year is proving itself to be incredibly busy and I am frantically searching for the time to go anywhere anymore.

    But, I wanted to thank you for the suggestion. I loved the book and was very inspired it. I took a lot from its various meanings. I especially liked the quote (whichI know use whenever I can bring it up in conversation) "faith is the head chemist of the mind."

    The best part of the book, the part that made me want to stand up and cheer, was chapter six- Imagination. I want to be a director, but it's almost a hopeless dream. I'll be going off to film school at the University of Tulsa (double-majoring in Film and English) this fall, but there is not a lot of support following my decisions. My family doesn't think that film is a strong career. I mean, I come from scientists and accountants, so it's understandable. But, my father for instance, doesn't want to pay for me to go to college and end up "flipping burgers". So, as you can tell, it's been a hard decision to make, but (like you said in your discussion) I already eliminated my backup plan.

    That is where the imagination chapter touched me so much. I love to be creative and imagination is a huge part of my life. That whole chapter was an inspiration to me. I wrote one quote from the book on my bulletin board (actally, it is next to the handout you gave in my class) that reads, "the impulse, the desire, is given shape, form, and action through the aid of the imaginative faculty of the mind." It is exactly what goes on when I'm behind the camera- I can see the vision and then watch it play out in front of me. It's a dream I hope to achieve on a much larger scale someday and people like you and Napoleon Hill have motivated me to achieve such means.

    I also recently read a book that was moving on a number of levels. It is entitled "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" and was written by a man who was suffering from "locked-in syndrome" after having a stroke. He could only blink one eye and he wrote the entire book using a special chart and the help of many devoted, caring friends. The idea that he could do so much despite his setbacks is very inspirational and I found it to be extremely beneficial when thinking about problems and hurdles in life. You can overcome them and rise above. Often times, I found from this book,problems aren't nearly as bad as one perceived them when you can compare them to something as devastating yet rewarding as the problems faced by the author of this book.

    So, as I wrap up this novel I have written for you, let me say thanks again for your inspiration. I can't thank you enough for showing me that you can achieve your dreams, even if they seem too far-fetched and no one around you thinks it can be done. If I ever need a DJ, I'll definitely remember your business. And, of course, I'll have to thank you in my first Oscar acceptance speech!

    Thank you for your time,
    Heather Brazille

    "It has been said that man can create anything which he can imagine." - Napoleon Hill

    Hey Clay,

  • "I am a Vocational Business Educator at Sequoyah High School in Claremore, OK.  We have have worked with Clay Clark for several years.  He has spoken to our Business Professionals of America Organization several times.  The students are so impressed with his knowledge of business and his motivation for success!  He is inspiring to young students...When in need of a dynamic motivational speaker you should consider Clay Clark!" your choice.  He such an inspiration to our students."

    April Blackwell: Sequoyah High School in Claremore, OK

    I am so sorry that I haven’t gotten back with you since our show. Things are getting back to normal now. We had a lot of compliments about you. In fact one very sweet high school girl sent a thank-you note about you, that when I get a copy of it I will forward it to you. Hope you know that I appreciate you helping me out this year, and I feel you made a great impact. Thanks a million, Clay!!!

    Debi Ward: RCIDA Project Coordinator

    PO Box 606, Claremore OK 74018 - 918-343-8959 - deb.ward@cox.net

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  • "Speaking to different age groups and interests is a challenge.
    The points you shared with the NW Tech morning students, the
    college audience, and the high school / middle school audience
    were "right on." It was interesting to watch the high school /
    middle school students come alive during your talk with them.
    I know they listened intently to you. 

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