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    Fun with prefacing:

    As most of you who know me can attest I have never been a very religious person. In fact I would not have ever gone to church at all if it were not for my sensational wife Vanessa. Oh sure I have gone to church physically, but mentally and spiritually I had never gone there...

    (Aubrey at birth pictured above)

    On to the story...

    My son Aubrey Napoleon-Hill Clark was born on April 23rd 2007. And on this day we named him Aubrey Napoleon-Hill Clark. The logic that went into his name is as follows...Aubrey, after my wife's wonferful and inspirational grandfather, and Napoleon-Hill after the author that changed the course of my life with his book practical and applicable book entitled "Think & Grow Rich." 

    When we brought Aubrey home from the hospital Vanessa and I were excited. And I (as his Dad) was very excited about his potential as a professional athlete. After thoroughly inspecting his small man-body I was convinced that he would definately be playing in the NFL or the NBA within the next 20 years. And I was pumped!...and 4 months later it was brought to our attention by Vanessa's Aunt Dr. Kathryn Francis that Aubrey could not see.

    Aunt Kathryn is a pediatrician and she knew what she was seeing as she interacted with little Aubrey at my brother-in-law's wedding in Utah. Aubrey could not see and she knew it...meanwhile like any parent would, I did not want to accept this reality as the truth. As my wife told me news over the phone I cried in between the songs I was playing while DJing in Dallas. That is the fun reality of DJing every Saturday..."the show must go on!"

    (Aubrey with his Grandma Annie at the ripe old age of 2 months pictured above)

    And so I told my wife I would have to call her back and I proceeded to DJ the hell out of that wedding reception! Jam after Jam I kept thinking...is my son blind? What song am I going to play next? Is my son blind? "Ladies and Gentlemen, let's get ridiculous!" Is my son blind? "Let's get this conga line going!!" My son is blind...I have a blind son...what about the NFL...does the NBA have any blind players? Maybe blind coaches? No, there is definately no blind coaches in the NBA. "Folks, we've got some Stevie Wonder via request!" If my son is blind, will he be next Stevie Wonder?

    Long story short...I won over the crowd, kept people dancing and the audience loved on the couple. After taking down, I drove home to Tulsa with DJ Chris Maxwell in his Chevy "old skool" blue Taho all the while averaging 15 miles per gallon...I apologize to anyone who's ice cap melted as a direct result of the poor gas mileage we were averaging.

    After meeting up with my wife we hit the Doctor circuit. We went to OKC to the Dean McGee institute and then we went to our Tulsa eye Doctor. Both rulings...your son is blind. Your son will never see. "But there are alot of great programs for blind kids...in fact Sooner Start has a great program" the Doctors said. Despite the appeal of getting enrolled in the SOONER START program we cried. My wife cried, and then I cried. When I finished she started again, we made sure to rotate so that at least one of us was coherent at all times. In all sincerity crying is what we did.

    And then we told our friends. And I collapsed on my hands and knees in the DJ office crying. I could not get my crap together. I cried during the day, and then I would coach myself out of crying, before I began crying again. My wife cried at home, while I cried at work. Bawling is what we did. We did more "bawling" than I have ever done before. For added measure during one breakdown I cried so well, that I even got my somewhat stoic father to cry.

    And then the "religious" people started calling saying the usual religious things, "God has a purpose," "We will pray for you," "Our thoughts are with you," "You can make it through this." And my doubt mounted. The more they prayed the more insincere I felt about my prayers. The more positive e-mails I got, the more "Go to hell emails" I wanted to send in reply. And then DJ Nate Moseley "Rod Stewart" emailed me from his honeymoon the following message: YOUR SON WILL SEE.

    That made me irrate! Who was he to email me? What a JACK-ASS! Was he going to surgically repair my son's eyes despite the Doctors' irrefutable evidence that nothing could be done? Was he doing to use some Christian Ninja Jedi moves to heal my little former NBA prospect? No! Nate was not going to heal my Son, and I knew God was not going to heal Aubrey either. If everyone could just leave me alone, I could get on to getting bitter.

    Because my wife is a genius, she transformed her bitterness into "better-ness" and she began researching my son's condition, and she discovered that with his symptons he probably had other problems TOO. We had a variety of wonderful diseases and ailments it could have been. His nervous system could be jacked up. He might have any one of a number of exciting diseases..great, this was just the news I needed. And on to a stress free vacation we went, but not before we went to Sam's Club for some "food therapy."

    As most Sam's Club members can attest, the best day to go to Sam's for some inexpensive food therapy is Sunday, (a.k.a. "Sample Day") thus on Sunday is when we went. Like most Sam's club members do we walked up and down the aisles scoping for samples.."Honey look CRAPES! Oh yeah, I love CRAPES. I've never had one, but let's sample 3 of them. Macaroni and Little Smokies! Are you kidding me? Let's sample that too! And as we continued "sampling" and I continued self-medicating with "food theraphy" I stumbled across a book that yelled out to me, "Buy me!" However there was a problem. This book was a Christian Book and I generally disliked Christian books more than I can adequately describe now  using mere words. This book was George Foreman's autobiography "God In My Corner." I stopped for a second and said, "Bird (which is what I call my wife), wait a minute...I want to look at this book." Then I placed the book back down and kept walking. Almost immediately George Foreman's book taunted me some more almost screaming at me "Buy me sucka or I will punch you in the face!" And so I bought the book.

    Needless to say the book was compelling to me. I knew about George's extremely rough early childhood and life history because I am sports junky, but I had know idea that he was now an outspoken Christian. A few days later as my wife, Havana, Aubrey and I drove eastbound in our Silver Jeep in route to Florida, I had her read George's book aloud to me. And man did it speak to me. As we drove I was astounded to hear about how George's miraculous encounters with God. I was amazed to learn that George had  a nephew that had a serious medical condition who was miraculously healed by God. I was completely wowed when I learned that George had quit living his self-admitted "terrible life-style" cold turkey after God revealed himself  to him after a boxing match. And I almost swirved into on-coming traffic with astonishment when I learned that George is now an active Pastor of his own church in called "The Church of Lord Jesus Christ" in Houston, Texas. Who knew? The king of the grille machine was a pastor to a hundred inner-city people in Houston? Who knew that the two-time Heavy Weight Champion of the World was an outspoken Christian? I certainly did not. And with some new found faith Vanessa and I continued to pray for lil' Aubrey.

    Shortly after we arrived In Destin, Florida I started to see what my wife was seeing. Little dude was seeing. Little Aubrey was seeing! I could not believe it, I doubted but my wife the silent warrior believed. I was convinced that God would never heal my son, and I wanted to be that guy who goes to church for the coffee. I wanted to be that guy who goes to church not believing in God. I wanted to be like many of people that go to church, I wanted to be like the people I always despised growing up. I wanted to be a hypocrite, and if God were to heal my son, that would just be too wierd. If Aubrey were healed, I would have to believe. I would have to quit pretending to believe in God and his miraculous powers of healing.

    And when Vanessa called me after meeting with the Doctor who had previously declared that our son was blind I was sure that he would say that we were just drinking too much Christian Kool-aid. I knew he would tell us that we were ultimately making up a bunch of crap that we were backing with coincidentally convenient evidence. And that is exactly what the Doctor did not say.

    The Doctor validated what my wife had believe all along. Our son Aubrey had been healed without medical intervention...a.k.a...we had just benefited from the hand of God, a.k.a...we had experieced A MIRACLE.

    Ladies and Gentleman, customers, friends, neighbor, family and good-natured people of importance our son has been unmistakably healed by someone other than a Doctor. God did what medicine could not. And I no longer have a blind son. Our son can see! And for me seeing is believing! And I am living my best life now. 

    If you would like to talk to rookie Christian call DJ Connection today and ask for the incredibly humble DJ Clay Clark and I would be happy to give you countless examples what a Christian should not do...pre-Aubrey.

    As I am sure many of you know our 4 month old son Aubrey Napoleon-Hill Clark was born blind. We were told that their was nothing "medically" that could be done. As you can imagine this news devestated my wife and I. Amidst our frustration I started to realize that many have it worse off than us, and feeling bad for ourselves was not going to help anything. And so we began praying, however I have never seen a miracle, so I honestly did not have much faith.

    However miraculously, and despite my lack of faith, my son was healed! The doctors that had diagnosed him as blind, cannot explain why he is seeing. In my life I have prayed for alot of things that have not come to fruition. I had never seen a miracle up until now. But for whatever reason my son was healed. And I feel like a need to bless you with this story. Our son began seeing in September of 2007, but I did not want to tell anyone until I had medical confirmation that he was in deed seeing.

    The healing of our son has me feeling euphoric, vivacious and humbled! So this just in...God is still in the miracle business. He has changed me and our son.

    Aubrey Updates:

    Lil' Aubrey is still seeing now, and I am still believing. Each weekday morning when he wakes up and he looks up at me with his incredible "seeing" eyes my faith is being built. I don't know why God chose to heal Aubs (the name I call him most often) now, when so many of my earlier prayer requests have not been granted. I don't know why God chose not to restore my best friend Mark when he was killed in a car accident, but I do know that Aubrey was healed. And I do know that am not smart enough to fully grasp the concept of infinity, so I am trying to not get caught up in Jack Handy style "deep thoughts" about my theology at this point. I am just grateful. I am grateful that God healed my son. I am grateful that George Foreman shared his testimony with me through his book. I am grateful that Nate shared his faith with me. I am grateful that my wife is smarter than me and has more faith than I have, and I am just thankful this "Thanksgiving." THANK YOU!

    The Wednesday before "Thanksgiving" Vanessa and I went to George's church in Houston to tell him thankyou . We were hoping that we might get lucky to spend 10 seconds with the King of the Grill Machine to express our thankyous however after navigating for close to an hour to his hard-to-find-inner-city-neighborhood-church we received much more than that.

    When we pulled into the parking lot of "The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ" about a half-hour late for service it was raining with monsoon like ferocity, and thus when I opened the driver-side door of the Jeep to exit I promptly stepped into 4 inches of water thus completely soaking  my shoe, my sock and my foot, however armed with my devinely inspired sense of tenacity (ha!) I somehow was not upset by this debacle, and Vanessa was not phased by weather influenced hair style she was now rocking on her dome. As we walked up the Church I think both of us were thinking the same thing, "We're terrible, we're a half hour late to meet with the George, it's probably not going to happen."

    However when we walked into his small sanctuary we were amazed, there he was...George Foreman the guy who is on TV almost as much as Seinfeld reruns...he was there preaching from the pulpit to 20 people in an inner-city Houston neighorhood. Incredible! As he shared his faith with the congregation his incredible humbleness was obvious. I sincerely could not believe it. He was literally asking individuals if they personally had any prayer requests. And then one by one he prayed for them without  TV cameras with glitzy lights and glamorous staging. In my opinion watching him preach was almost more inspiring than his book. I just could not comprehend how non-full-of-himself he was. I wish I could describe it better, but I can't so I am moving on with the story.

    As he asked if anyone else had any prayer requests, my always bold wife put her hand up and George said, "Well hello, what can we pray for?" (or something similar to that)...Vanessa told him about the story of Aubrey and how he was healed of blindness, but how he is still struggling with nystagmus. And then Big George asked if he could hold Aubrey as he prayed for him. He then annointed Aubrey with oil and began to pray. He prayed a simple prayer but a sincere prayer for the complete healing of our son. As he held Aubrey I kept thinking...this dude is HUGE, and he has some HUGE HANDS, I had better agree with what he is praying or he might dislocate my head. When George finished praying he thanked us for attending his church and smiled with the most contagious smile the world has ever known. I was wowed. We had connected with God and a sports legend at the same time.

    After George concluded the service he introduced us to Natalie, Monk, Red, and the nephew of his he wrote about in the book who had been miraculously healed. Just meeting the real-life "characters" from his book really solidified the book's meaning to me. It liken meeting them to meeting Mr. Spock at Wal-Mart in the electronics section. You know..."Hey Mr. Spock how are you doing? Are you picking up some batteries"..."No, I was just getting some dylithium crystals for the Enterprise, they were running a special...you know...no big deal."

    And I am sure for Natalie, Red, Monk, the nephew,and George it wasn't that big of a deal but for me it was worth writing about. George taking 15 minutes me has really taken my Christian-Kool-Aid intake level to an all-time high. George shared with us how the story of Aubrey's healing had been encouraging to him, and that made my wednesday EPIC. Thank you George, and thank you Foreman family. 

    Take care, and much love from the DJ Connection family,





    For more information about DJ Connection's founder, serial entrepreneur, award-winning U.S. SBA "Entrepreneur of the Year" Clay Clark call us today at 918-481-2010. Listed below are various links to his multiple business ventures. Click below visit these websites:

    Founder of DJ Connection, U.S. Chamber National Blue Ribbon Quality Award Winner,  U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Dallas Business Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Tulsa Metro Chamber "Entrepreneur of the Year" Clay Clark is also the founder of Tulsa Real Estate company Fears & Clark Realty Group. This company is the home of the best Tulsa realtors in Oklahoma. Find your house today at www.fearsclark.com.


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